Practical Applications of Microresonators in Optics and Photonics

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  • Surveys enabling technology of micro- and nanoresonators for optical and photonic devices
  • Highlights current and potential future applications associated with each enabling technology
  • Assembles a group of expert contributors from the US, Japan, The Netherlands, France, and China
  • Summary

     Assembling an international team of experts, this book reports on the progress in the rapidly growing field of monolithic micro- and nanoresonators. The book opens with a chapter on photonic crystal-based resonators (nanocavities). It goes on to describe resonators in which the closed trajectories of light are supported by any variety of total internal reflection in curved and polygonal transparent dielectric structures. The book also covers distributed feedback microresonators for slow light, controllable dispersion, and enhanced nonlinearity. A portion of coverage is dedicated to the unique properties of resonators, which are extremely efficient tools when conducting multiple applications.  

    Table of Contents

    Ultrahigh-Q Photonic Crystal Nanocavities and their Applications, T. Tanabe, E. Kuramochi, A. Shinya, and M. Notomi

    Pillar Microcavities for Single-Photon Generation, C. Santori, D. Fattal, J. Vuckovic, M. Pelton, G. S. Solomon, E. Waks, D. Press, and Y. Yamamoto

    Crystalline Whispering Gallery Mode Resonators in Optics and Photonics, L. Maleki, V. S. Ilchenko, A. A. Savchenkov, and A. B. Matsko

    Microresonator-Based Devices on a Silicon Chip: Novel Shaped Cavities and Resonance Coherent Interference, A. W. Poon, X. Luo, L. Zhou, C. Li, J. Y. Lee, F. Xu, H. Chen, and N. K. Hon

    Electro-Optic Polymer Ring Resonators for Millimeter-Wave Modulation and Optical Signal Processing, W. H. Steier, B.-J. Seo, B. Bortnik, H. Tazawa, Y.-C. Hung, S. Kim, and H. R. Fetterman

    Organic Micro-Lasers: A New Avenue onto Wave Chaos Physics, M. Lebental, E. Bogomolny, and J. Zyss

    Optical Microfiber Loop and Coil Resonators, M. Sumetsky

    Optofluidic Ring Resonator Biological and Chemical Sensors, X. Fan, I. M. White, S. I. Shopova, H. Zhu, J. D. Suter, Y. Sun, and G. Yang

    A NonElectronic Wireless Receiver with Immunity to Damage by Electromagnetic Pulses, B. Jalali, A. Ayazi, R. Hsu, A. Yick, W. H. Steier, and G. Betts

    Cavity Opto-Mechanics, T. J. Kippenberg and K. J. Vahala

    Optical Frequency Comb Generation in Monolithic Microresonators, O. Arcizet, A. Schliesser, P. Del’Haye, R. Holzwarth, and T. J. Kippenberg

    Bit Rate Limitations in Single and Coupled Microresonators, J. Khurgin

    Linear and Nonlinear Localization of Light in Optical Slow-Wave Structures, S. Mookherjea


    Editor Bio(s)

    Andrey B. Matsko has been a principal engineer with OEwaves Inc. since 2007. He has numerous publications in the field and holds several patents. His current research interests include applications of whispering gallery mode resonators in quantum and nonlinear optics, and photonics, coherence effects in resonant media, and quantum theory of measurements. He received JPL’s Lew Allen Award for excellence in 2005.