Nanotechnology: The Future

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  • Examines the societal implications of nanotechnology
  • Explores the science of attractionary futuristics
  • Offers a comprehensive model of what the future of nanotechnology will look like
  • Addresses such topics as molecular modification, building bots, and controlling human aging
  • Summary

    The future of nanotechnology is being created by gifted thinkers who inspire great visions. Once such a vision becomes part of the social fabric of understanding, it becomes an attractor, or future events toward which we are drawn. Knowing these endpoints creates a development path for future accomplishments. Using this attractionary futuristics approach, Nanotechnology: The Future presents a comprehensive model of what the future of nanotechnology will look like by examining attractors through topics like indestructible materials, ultimate small data storage particles, molecular modification, the replicator, building bots, healing bots, controlling human aging, and controlling gravity.

    Table of Contents

    Building the Foundation. Attractors: Part One. Attractors: Part Two.

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