Appetite and Food Intake: Behavioral and Physiological Considerations

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  • Reviews the current status of both basic and applied research on the regulation of food intake
  • Focuses on factors that influence food intake given availability
  • Consolidates research from a broad range of disciplines including animal, human, behavioral, and physiological research
  • Summary

    A complex interplay of social, economic, psychological, nutritional and physiological forces influence ingestive behavior and demand an integrated research approach to advance understanding of healthful food choices and those that contribute to health disorders  including obesity-related chronic diseases.
    Taking a multifaceted approach, Appetite and Food Intake: Behavioral and Physiological Considerations summarizes current understanding of environmental and physiological determinants of food choice and energy balance. The editors juxtapose pairs of chapters drawn from animal research and human clinical findings to highlight the synergies, and gaps in research approaches to highlight current knowledge and identify areas of needed and promising study. 
    Beginning with a theoretical consideration of the purported existence and functionality of mechanisms for the regulation of feeding and energy balance, the book progresses through a more detailed consideration of knowledge related to mechanisms recruited from the initial thought of eating through post-ingestive events. Chapters address preingestive motivational, cognitive, and orosensory processes that influence food selection and continue with critical reviews of intestinal and postabsorptive signaling systems and nutrient metabolism. The book concludes with a consideration of how the micro- and macro-nutrient composition of foods influences ingestive behavior and the physiologic consequences of consumption.
    By comparing research from basic and applied scientific disciplines and knowledge from animal models and human trials, the editors provide a critical review of current knowledge of ingestive behavior and future research needs. 

    Table of Contents

    Food Intake: Control, Regulation, and the Illusion of Dysregulation, M.I. Friedman
    The Control of Food Intake and the Regulation of Body Weight in Humans, D.A. Levitsky
    Appetitive and Consummatory Aspects of Food Intake in Rodents, N.E. Rowland and C.M. Mathes
    Appetite and Food Intake: A Human Experimental Perspective, M.R. Yeomans and E.J. Bertenshaw
    Motivation to Eat: Neural Control and Modulation, D. Figlewicz Lattemann
    Human Eating Motivation in Times of Plenty: Biological, Environmental, and Psychosocial Influences, M.R. Lowe, M. E. Bocarsly, and A. Del Parigi
    Orosensory Control of Feeding, T.R. Scott
    The Role of Orosensory Factors in Eating Behavior as Observed in Humans, D. Chapelot and J. Louis-Sylvestre
    Gastrointestinal Factors in Appetite and Food Intake — Animal Research, T.A. Lutz and N. Geary
    The Role of the Gastrointestinal Tract in Satiation, Satiety, and, Food Intake: Evidence from Research in Humans, H.P.F. Peters and D.J. Mela
    Postabsorptive Endocrine Factors Controlling Food Intake and Regulation of Body Adiposity: Animal Research, M. Covasa
    Role of Postabsorptive Endocrine Factors on Human Feeding and Regulation of Body Adiposity, K.L. Teff and C. Kapadia
    Gastrointestinal Sensorineural Function in the Control of Food Intake, G.J. Schwartz
    Conscious and Unconscious Regulation of Feeding Behaviors in Humans: Lessons from Neuroimaging Studies in Normal Weight and Obese Subjects, P.A. Tataranni and N. Pannacciulli
    Macronutrients: Complexity of Intake Control, P.K. Olszewski and A.S. Levine
    Macronutrients, Feeding Behavior, and Weight Control in Humans, J. Stubbs, S. Whybrow, and N. Mazlan Mamat
    Mineral Micronutrient Status and Food Intake: Studies with Animal Models, J. Beard
    Minerals and Food Intake: A Human Perspective, D. Teegarden and C. Gunther

    Editorial Reviews

    "… covers the multitude of perspectives, research, and approaches being analyzed in the field of food intake and behavioral and physiological considerations. … a comprehensive review of up-to-date research to assist clinicians in better understanding how to evaluate appetite and food intake. ... Each chapter is written by scientists involved with the current research on their respective topics. … Understanding the dynamic network and feedback mechanisms affecting intake can be an important key in the treatment of obesity, eating disorders, and metabolic interactions in the human body. The use of figures was helpful in comprehending the material presented and key research results in a visual form. The book is well organized, detailed, and thought provoking. The strength of this book is that it contains current scientific literature… most appropriate for anyone working with weight management, eating disorders, and research."

    —Kathryn Fink, MS, RD, LD, Professional Nutrition Therapists, Dallas, Texas, in Nutrition in Clinical Practice, Vol. 24, No. 2, April/May 2009