Hydrogen Fuel: Production, Transport, and Storage

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  • Illustrates how hydrogen can be generated from a variety of primary energies, including hydrocarbons, coal, nuclear, wind, biomass, and solar
  • Explores the technical challenge of transporting and storing hydrogen fuel
  • Presents the storage targets specified by the U.S. Department of Energy
  • Addresses the proper codes, standards, monitoring techniques, and safety designs needed to effectively use hydrogen fuel
  • Discusses how to sequester carbon dioxide when producing hydrogen from fossil fuels
  • Summary

    From Methane to Hydrogen—Making the Switch to a Cleaner Fuel Source

    The world’s overdependence on fossil fuels has created environmental problems, such as air pollution and global warming, as well as political and economic unrest. With water as its only by-product and its availability in all parts of the world, hydrogen promises to be the next great fuel source.

    All of the Key Aspects of Hydrogen Fuel

    Hydrogen Fuel: Production, Transport, and Storage describes various aspects of hydrogen fuel, including production from both renewable and nonrenewable sources, purification, storage, transport, safety, codes, and carbon dioxide sequestration. The book examines the unique properties and uses of the hydrogen molecule, its ability to be produced from numerous energy sources, and its separation and purification. It explains how to transport hydrogen using pipelines and tankers, and how to store it using compressed tanks, metal hydrides, carbon adsorbents, and chemical hydrides. The expert contributors also discuss codes and standards, monitoring techniques, and safety designs.

    The Path to a Cleaner World and Energy Independence

    Focusing on a clean, economical alternative to nonrenewable energy, this volume provides the latest information on the hydrogen fuel economy.

    Table of Contents

    Production and Use of Hydrogen
    Fundamentals and Use of Hydrogen as a Fuel
    K.K. Pant and Ram B. Gupta
    Production of Hydrogen from Hydrocarbons
    Nazim Z. Muradov
    Hydrogen Production from Coal
    Shi-Ying Lin
    Hydrogen Production from Nuclear Energy
    Ryutaro Hino and Xing L. Yan
    Hydrogen Production from Wind Energy
    Dimitrios A. Bechrakis and Elli Varkaraki
    Sustainable Hydrogen Production from Biomass by Thermochemical Process
    W. de Jong
    Use of Solar Energy to Produce Hydrogen
    Neelkanth G. Dhere and Rajani S. Bennur
    Hydrogen Separation and Purification
    Ashok Damle
    Transportation and Storage of Hydrogen
    Targets for Onboard Hydrogen Storage Systems: An Aid for the Development of Viable Onboard Hydrogen Storage Technologies
    Sunita Satyapal and George J. Thomas
    Hydrogen Transmission in Pipelines and Storage in Pressurized and Cryogenic Tanks
    Ming Gao and Ravi Krishnamurthy
    Hydrogen Storage in Metal Hydrides
    K.K. Pant and Ram B. Gupta
    Hydrogen Storage in Carbon Materials
    K.K. Pant and Ram B. Gupta
    Hydrogen Storage in Organic Chemical Hydrides on the Basis of Superheated Liquid-Film Concept
    Shinya Hodoshima and Yasukazu Saito
    Safety and Environmental Aspects of Hydrogen Fuel
    Hydrogen Codes and Standards
    James M. Ohi
    Hydrogen Sensing and Detection
    Prabhu Soundarrajan and Frank Schweighardt
    Hydrogen Safety
    Fotis Rigas and Spyros Sklavounos
    Carbon Sequestration
    Ah-Hyung Alissa Park, Klaus S. Lackner, and Liang-Shih Fan