Spatial Epidemiological Approaches in Disease Mapping and Analysis

Spatial Epidemiological Approaches in Disease Mapping and Analysis

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  • Introduces basic GIS concepts
  • Documents how GIS can be applied in examining disease occurrences from the spatial perspective
  • Includes datasets and freeware available for download on the web
  • Summary

    Containing method descriptions and step-by-step procedures, the Spatial Epidemiological Approaches in Disease Mapping and Analysis equips readers with skills to prepare health-related data in the proper format, process these data using relevant functions and software, and display the results as mapped or statistical summaries. Describing the wide range of available methods and key GIS concepts for spatial epidemiology, this book illustrates the utilities of the software using real-world data. Additional topics include geographic data models, address matching, geostatistical analysis, universal kriging, point pattern analysis, kernel density, spatio-temporal display, and disease surveillance.

    Table of Contents

    Basic GIS Concepts and Operations. Working with Geographic Data. Introducing Key Procedures in GIS for Health-Related Analyses. Point Pattern Analysis. Disease Analysis on Areal Pattern. Spatio-temporal and Associative Analyses. Current GIS Research in Health Care and Disease Analyses. Initiating a GIS Research in Spatial Epidemiology.

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