The Compiler Design Handbook: Optimizations and Machine Code Generation, Second Edition

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  • Remains the only handbook on advanced compiler design
  • Highlights the different techniques required for optimizing programs written in parallel as well as object-oriented languages
  • Focuses on contemporary architectures, including VLIW, superscalar, and multiprocessor
  • Demonstrates how to overcome challenges in the design of effective algorithms for the compiler back end and for energy aware compilations
  • Summary

    Today’s embedded devices and sensor networks are becoming more and more sophisticated, requiring more efficient and highly flexible compilers. Engineers are discovering that many of the compilers in use today are ill-suited to meet the demands of more advanced computer architectures.

    Updated to include the latest techniques, The Compiler Design Handbook, Second Edition offers a unique opportunity for designers and researchers to update their knowledge, refine their skills, and prepare for emerging innovations. The completely revised handbook includes 14 new chapters addressing topics such as worst case execution time estimation, garbage collection, and energy aware compilation. The editors take special care to consider the growing proliferation of embedded devices, as well as the need for efficient techniques to debug faulty code. New contributors provide additional insight to chapters on register allocation, software pipelining, instruction scheduling, and type systems.

    Written by top researchers and designers from around the world, The Compiler Design Handbook, Second Edition gives designers the opportunity to incorporate and develop innovative techniques for optimization and code generation.

    Table of Contents

    Worst-Case Execution Time and Energy Analysis
    T. Mitra, A. Roychoudhury          
    Static Program Analysis for Security
    K. Gopinath                        
    Compiler Aided Design of Embedded Computers
    A. Shrivastava, N. Dutt          
    Whole Execution Traces and Their Use in Debugging
    X. Zhang, N. Gupta, R. Gupta     
    Optimizations for Memory Hierarchies
    E. Raman, D. I. August     
    Garbage Collection Techniques
    A. Sanyal, U. P. Khedker          
    Energy-Aware Compiler Optimizations
    Y. N. Srikant, K. A. Vardhan             
    Statistical and Machine Learning Techniques in Compiler Design
    K. Vaswani                 
    Type Systems: Advances and Applications
    J. Palsberg, T. Millstein            
    Dynamic Compilation
    E. Duesterwald                 
    The Static Single Assignment Form: Construction and Application to Program Optimization
    J. P. Prabhu, P. Shankar, Y. N. Srikant           
    Shape Analysis and Applications
    T. Reps, M. Sagiv, R. Wilhelm    
    Optimizations for Object-Oriented Languages
    A. Krall, N. Horspool             
    Program Slicing
    G. B. Mund, R. Mall            
    Computations on Iteration Spaces
    S. Rajopadhye, L. Renganarayana, G. Gupta,
    M. Strout                  
    Architecture Description Languages for Retargetable Compilation
    W. Qin, S. Malik         
    Instruction Selection Using Tree Parsing
    P. Shankar                 
    A Retargetable Very Long Instruction Word Compiler Framework for Digital Signal Processors
    S. Rajagopalan, S. Malik          
    Instruction Scheduling
    R. Govindarajan                
    Advances in Software Pipelining
    H. Rong, R. Govindarajan     
    Advances in Register Allocation Techniques
    V. K. Nandivada