Specialty Corns, Second Edition

Specialty Corns, Second Edition

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  • Offers thorough coverage of the genetics and breeding of specialty corns
  • Presents the development of specialty types of corn that can be used for human food
  • Covers the expansion of corn production in shorter growing seasons
  • Over 100 tables and illustrations
  • Summary

    Completely revised and updated, the Second Edition of Specialty Corns includes everything in the first edition and more. Considered the standard in this field, significant changes have been made to keep all the information current and bring the references up-to-date. Two new chapters have been added to keep up with the latest trends: Blue Corn and Baby Corn.
    Access the latest methods in developing specialty corns with this standard-setting reference. Edited by an expert in the field who has spent his professional life working with corn, Specialty Corns, Second Edition discusses the genetic variation inherent in corn, genetic materials available, breeding methods, and special problems associated with the development of specialty corns. Hallauer has assembled a team of international experts who have contributed to this work.

    Table of Contents

    Kernel Mutants of Corn, C.D. Boyer and L. C. Hannah
    Properties of Corn Starch, P.J. White
    High Amylose of Waxy Corn, V. Ferguson
    High Quality Protein Corn, S.K. Vasal
    High-Oil Corn Hybrids, R.J. Lambert
    Sweet Corn, W.F. Tracey
    Popcorn, K.E. Ziegler
    Breeding White Endosperm Corn, C.G. Poneleit
    Baby Corn, C. Aekatasanawan
    Blue Corn, F.J. Betrán, A.J. Bockholt, and L.W. Rooney
    Food Uses of Regular and Specialty Corns and Their Dry Milled Fractions, S.O. Serna-Salvidar, M.H. Gomez, and L.W. Rooney
    Pipe Corn, Basis of the "Barnyard Briar", L.L. Darrah
    Silage Corn, J.G. Coors and J.G. Lauer
    Temperate Corn: Background, Behavior, and Breeding, A. F. Troyer

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