Microbiology of Landfill Sites

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ISBN 9780873719681
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  • Results of recent research efforts
  • Mathematical modeling approaches of the refuse methanogenic fermentation
  • Discussions on revegetation of landfill sites
  • Selected approaches for the investigation of microbial interactions in landfill sites
  • Summary

    This book was originally published in 1990 and was the first text to consider the definitive fundamental science of landfill biotechnology. Since then, major research initiatives, particularly in the U.K. and South Africa, have resulted in considerable advancement in our knowledge of landfill microbiology. The Second Edition details this progress.
    Text considers the latest findings in landfill leachate treatment, co-disposal and fundamental microbiology. It brings together the expertise of the immediate complementary, but often disparate disciplines of soil science, environmental engineering, applied mathematics, and land reclamation and focuses on the common goal of the scientific design and management of landfill sites. The book also includes effective laboratory models and selected approaches.

    Table of Contents

    On Isolating a Landfill from the Surrounding Water Regime, G.E. Blight
    Selected Approaches for the Investigation of Microbial Interactions in Landfill Sites, I.A. Watson-Craik and L.R. Jones
    Mathematical Modeling of the Refuse Methanogenic Fermentation, A. Young
    Co-Disposal of Industrial Wastewaters and Sludges, I.A. Watson-Craik and K.J. Sinclair
    Landfill Leachate Treatment, T.J. Britz
    Landfill-Covering Soils, C.A. du Plessis and J.C. Hughes
    Revegetation of Landfill Sites, P.J.K. Zacharias