Material Recovery Facility Design Manual

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ISBN 9780873719445
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  • Addresses technical and economic aspects of MRF equipment
  • Identifies alternative approaches for separation and recovery
  • Covers design, theory of operation, sizing, equipment needs, and limitations for each piece of equipment discussed
  • Summary

    Economic factors discussed include purchase price, utility requirements, maintenance costs, labor costs, auxiliary equipment purchase needs, sizing, space requirements, redundancy requirements, and all aspects necessary for the development of performance and equipment specifications. Material Recovery Facility Design Manual is essential for solid waste planners, engineers, and anyone else involved with startup, implementation, and acceptance testing of MRF equipment and systems.

    Table of Contents

    Introduction. Specific Approaches to Materials Recovery: Concept Description. Technical. MRF Management. MRF Economic Analysis. Performance Guarantees. Marketing. General MRF Concerns: Siting and Permitting Concerns. Contracting Issues. Appendices: Glossary. List of Material Grades and Specifications. Examples of Maintenance Procedures. Bibliography.