Zebra Mussels Biology, Impacts, and Control

Zebra Mussels Biology, Impacts, and Control

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  • Contains color plates illustrating some of the dramatic impacts of this species
  • Details of the life history, origins, and morphology of the zebra mussel
  • Presents case studies of environmental and industrial impacts
  • Traces the invasion of zebra mussels in North America and the efforts to control it
  • Includes insights from decades of research
  • Outlines potential control strategies
  • Summary

    The introduction and rapid spread of the zebra mussel in North American waters has caused great concern among industrial and recreational users of these waters. This bivalve mollusk is a biofouler that attaches to any firm substrate (e.g. rocks, piers, water intake pipes, boat hulls) and has already created significant problems for raw water users such as water treatment plants and power plants.
    Zebra Mussels: Biology, Impacts and Control provides essential information regarding the biology of the zebra mussel in North America and Europe, presents case studies of environmental and industrial impacts, and outlines control strategies. Summary articles detail its life history, origins, and morphology. The book also examines techniques used to culture and maintain this organism in the laboratory. Thirty-two color plates illustrate some of the dramatic problems created by the explosive population growth of this species.
    Zebra Mussels: Biology, Impacts, and Control is an important resource for ecologists, conservationists, environmental consultants, water quality engineers, regulatory officials, power utilities, and libraries.

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