The National Toxicology Program's Chemical Database, Volume II

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  • oEight volumes on diskettes containing detailed information on 2,270 different chemicals
  • oFeatures easy menu-driven searchers and automatic reports
  • oCovers data used and updated from 1979 to 1991
  • oEssential for anyone working with hazardous chemicals, including labs, remediation companies, first responders, and regulators
  • Summary

    This database provides a vast amount of information about potentially toxic chemicals to regulatory and research agencies, consultants, academics, and libraries.

    The National Toxicology Program's Chemical Database consists of eight volumes containing 50 fields that present detailed information on 2,270 different chemicals. The data is obtained from the literature or experimentally determined. Each compound is listed in every volume even when there is no information available for it in some volumes. Information in the NTP database was gathered and updated as compounds were used throughout a 12 year period from 1979 to 1991. Throughout the eight volumes, the primary chemical name and the Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number (CAS No.) remain constant and all 2,270 chemicals are listed alphabetically in each volume.

    The NTP database can be sold as a set or individually. Each volume consists of one 3-1/2" and two 5-1/4" diskettes , in addition to a 64 page manual that describes how to use the software. Diskettes will run on IBM® or IBM-compatible equipment with DOS 2.0 and higher, 640K internal memory (RAM), and a hard drive with at least 2-17MB of available disk space. Use the eight volumes together to get the full benefit of the NTP Chemical Repository Database, or select only those volumes that contain the information you need and use them as stand-alone databases.

    Each volume consists of one 3-1/2" and two 5-1/4" diskettes, that will run on IBM or IBM-compatible hardware!

    Table of Contents

    VOLUME 2

    This volume consists of entries from 11 fields. It provides related chemical and physical data commonly used to support a wide variety of needs ranging from chemical research to regulatory activities involving Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) preparation and shipping. The data fields include the following:

    Chemical formula
    Melting point
    Molecular weight
    Boiling point
    Wiswesser Line Notations (WLN)
    Physical description
    Other solvents
    Specific gravity
    Other physical data