Financial Services Information Systems

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  • Presents the technologies that help you provide exciting products and improved services to your customers
  • Offers an end-user's take on financial services technology
  • Outlines the powerful technologies that have helped companies offer new, integrated products and improve customer service
  • Presents financial services technologies from a financial services perspective, covering everything from GIS technology applications to network design and internet topics
  • Summary

    The calculus of IT support for the banking, securities, and insurance industries has changed dramatically and rapidly over the past few years. Consolidation and deregulation are creating opportunities and challenges never before seen. Unheard of just a few years ago, e-commerce has given birth to new infrastructures and departments needed to support them. And the Internet/Intranet/Extranet triple-whammy is the most critical component of most financial IT shops. At the same time, new intelligent agents stand ready to take on such diverse functions as customer profiling and data mining.
    Get a handle on all these new and newer ripples with Financial Services Information Systems. Here, in this exhaustive new guide and reference book, industry guru Jessica Keyes gives you the no-nonsense scoop on not just the tried and true IT tools of today, but also the up-and-coming "hot" technologies of tomorrow, and how to plan for them.
    Financial Services Information Systems addresses challenges and solutions associated with:

  • supporting the self-service revolution by servicing kiosks and ATMs efficiently and economically,
  • straight-through processing for the securities industry,
  • outsourcing business communications in the insurance industry,
  • distributed integration as a cost-effective alternative to data warehousing, and
  • putting inbound fax automation to work in financial organizations.
  • Table of Contents

    The "Must-Have" Guide to Total Quality for the Financial Service Manager, Jessica Keyes
    Distributed Integration: An Alternative to Data Warehousing, Dan Adler
    Windows Distributed interNet Architecture for Financial Services, Dave Yewman
    Evaluation of Financial Analysis and Application Prototyping Environments, Charles Bassignani
    Customer Profiling for Financial Services, Monte F. Hancock and Rhonda R. Delmater
    Business Rule Systems, Henry Seiler
    Customer Data Quality: The Foundation for a One-to-One Customer Relationship, Art Petty
    A History of Knowledge-Based Systems in Financial Services, Jessica Keyes
    The Unfolding of Wireless Technology in the Financial Services Industry, Michael A. McNeal
    Personal Financial Appliances, Greg Crandell and David Williams
    Putting Inbound Fax Automation to Work in the Financial Organization, Jerry Rackley
    Extranets for Financial Services, Evan Kaplan
    Designing a High-Performance, High-Availability Network Infrastructure, Chris Marino
    Applications of GIS Technology in Financial Services, Donald F. Cooke
    Designing and Implementing a Virus Prevention Policy in Financial Services Organizations: Key Issues and Critical Needs, Pat Bitton
    Voice Over ATM, Gary Mangus
    Toward a More Perfect Union: The European Monetary Conversion and Its Impact on Information Technology, Information Technology Association of America
    Systems that Build Themselves: Anatomy of a Development Before the Fact Software Engineering Methodology, Margaret Hamilton
    Multimedia-Based Training (MBT) for Financial Services, Barbara Sealund and Tim Brock
    Law (or the Lack of It) on the Web: A Primer for Financial Services Technology Managers, Frederic M. Wilf
    Using Net-Based Interactive Technology for Online Marketing, Sales and Support of Financial Services Firms, Steven Semelsberger
    Internet Security Analysis Report: An Executive Overview, Mary Rose
    Multicast Applications and Technology for the Financial Services Industry, C. Kenneth Miller
    An Introduction to the Internet for Financial Services Developers, Jessica Keyes
    Introduction to e-Commerce, David Peterson
    Transactional Application Servers: Providing the Scalability for Global Electronic Business, Michael McCaffery
    Enterprise Application Integration in Financial Services, Ely Eshel
    Spreadsheets as Containers of Malicious Payloads, Ron Moritz
    Growth Optimal Asset Allocation Strategies with Downside Protection, Jivendra Kale
    Quadratic Programming for Large-Scale Portfolio Optimization, Michael J. Best and Jivendra Kale
    Risk Management Meets Customer Relationship Management: Closing the Data Mining Loop with DCOM and Visual Basic, Eric Apps and Ken Ono
    Java-Based Application Servers for the Financial Sector, Anura Gurugé
    Grab a Ringside Seat for the Best of Banking Technology, Mark Hill
    Banking Technology in Emerging Markets, Bernard Lunn
    Going Global: Systems Issues for Servicing a Global Business, Stephen Bloomer
    A Brief Case History in Internet Banking, Myers Dupuy
    How "Internet Bill Presentment" Changes the Deployment Strategy of Homebanking and Online Payment, Richard K. Crone
    The Self-Service Revolution: Harnessing the Power of Kiosks and ATMs, Aravinda Korala and Philip Basham
    Checking It Twice: Check Imaging System Offers Greater Flexibility and Efficiency, David Ooley
    Internet Banking: Leveling the Playing Field for Community Banks, Kim Humphreys
    Straight Talk on SET: Challenges and Opportunities from a Business Perspective, Chris Hamilton
    Retail Delivery: A Common Strategy Amidst an Uncommon World, Kenneth E. Russell
    Growing Your Virtual Branch: Strategies for Successful Internet Banking, Jackie Cuevas
    Selecting and Implementing a Treasury Workstation: The Amway Experience, Kimberly Bethke
    The Future of the Securities Industry: Convergence of Trust and Brokerage, John Buckner
    A Portfolio Management System for the 21st Century, Tim Scatliff
    Logging Monitoring in the Financial Services Industry, Knox Henderson
    Straight Through Processing, Jim Douthitt
    Designing and Evaluating Investment Performance Systems, Timothy Peterson
    Building an Internet Strategy for Full-Service Brokers, Jeanne Chinchar
    Middleware Standards in Capital Markets, Gabriel Bousbib
    The Broker Desktop: The Future of Trading Has Arrived, John McLeod
    Outsourcing Business Communications in the Insurance Industry, Kim Herren
    New Business Model for Insurance Industry Demands New Automation Model, Don Chase
    The Internet and Evolving Technology: Changing How Insurance Companies Service and Operate, Richard H. DuBois
    Produce Management Systems - The Need for Automation and Integration, Scott L. Price
    Understanding and Implementing Business Intelligence Solutions in the Insurance Industry, Thomas Chesbrough
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