Converging NGN Wireline and Mobile 3G Networks with IMS: Converging NGN and 3G Mobile

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  • Highlights specific and common requirements for both fixed line and mobile networks
  • Provides details for IMS access from DSL, 3G UMTS, WLAN, and IMS-based PSTN
  • Describes high level concepts at the heart of IMS for marketers and planners
  • Explores the challenging topics of user profiles, quality of service, security, and charging
  • Offers standards-based solutions for interfaces to circuit networks, interim stages, and combination services
  • Furnishes unbiased information from 3GPP, TISPAN, and IETF based on published and agreed standards
  • Includes useful lists of functions and interfaces, a brief introduction to the major protocols, and a comprehensive glossary of terms and abbreviations
  • Summary

    Focusing on the future network architecture and its main principles, Converging NGN Wireline and Mobile 3G Networks with IMS provides a comprehensive view of the methods, functions, network elements, and the interfaces among them that enable the building of a service agnostic and access agnostic session control layer based on the IMS standards.

    After an introduction to IMS principles with market trends, technological innovations, migration issues, and global standards, the book describes converged session control and multimedia handling with ID management, service profiles, and event and applications triggering as well as admission procedures for different types of access networks. Subsequent chapters tackle the all-important aspects of IP charging mechanisms, service-based quality of service, security, border control, and legacy services, enabling a thorough appreciation of the full network requirements. Wherever possible, the author points out the convergence of standards and details different specifications and terminology for TISPAN and 3GPP.

    Delivering deep insight into the role of IMS in fixed line and mobile networks, this book explains the new technologies from concepts to detailed techniques to give a clear understanding of how the next generation of converged communication can be achieved with managed quality, security, and chargeability.

    Table of Contents

    IMS Concepts
    Introduction to IMS
    IMS Principles
    IMS Services Environment
    Combining Technologies in IMS
    The Role of the Standards in IMS
    Introduction to the IMS Architecture
    Evolving Services
    Implementation Issues
    IMS Standards
    The Standards Scope and Uses
    The Standards Organizations
    The Converged IMS Standard Components
    Session Control
    Session Control Elements
    The IMS Session Initiation
    The Session Call Model
    Media Resources
    Control of Application Servers
    Session Routing
    Mid-Session Management
    Session Termination
    Session Charging Procedures
    Special Sessions
    Network Admission
    Network Admission Overview
    The Network Attachment Process
    Authentication Procedures
    Registration Procedures
    Profiles and ID Management
    Data Repository Principles
    Mobile Networks Data Repository
    NGN Data Repository
    User Identity Management
    Server Identities and Addresses
    Routing Data Support Elements
    Policy and Quality-of-Service Control
    Principles for QoS
    Generic IMS QoS Management
    The 3GPP QoS Architecture
    The NGN QoS
    The IP Border and Security
    Border Management
    Security Aspects
    Security Mechanisms
    Network Address Translation
    The Converged Network Border
    Aspects of Mobile 3G and NGN Border
    Control Border Elements
    The Session Border Controller
    State Security
    Basic Principles
    The Offline Charging Subsystem
    The Online Charging Subsystem
    Integrating IMS Charging
    Policy and Charging Control
    Charging for Different Access Networks
    Circuit-Switched Network Interworking
    IMS Connectivity with CSN
    PSTN Emulation
    Blended Services
    IMS-Based Transit
    WLAN Interworking
    WLAN Concepts
    WLAN Integration with 3GPP IMS
    Appendix A: The IMS Protocols
    Appendix B: Abbreviations
    Appendix C: Sources and References
    Appendix D: Standard Reference Points
    Appendix E: Terms and Definitions

    Editorial Reviews

    From the Foreword
    “…a very timely contribution to this field. It is suitable for both lay people wanting to understand the building blocks and drivers of IMS as well as more skilled practitioners wanting to brush up on technical details and close some gaps in their knowledge.”
    —Mick Reeve, Fellow of the International Engineering Consortium and the Royal Academy of Engineering, Retired Chief Architect of BT Group CTO