Basic Environmental Toxicology

Basic Environmental Toxicology

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  • Provides a thorough, systematic introduction to environmental toxicology
  • Covers field and laboratory assessment techniques
  • Discusses fundamental aspects of environmental health, occupational health, detection of pollutants, and risk assessment
  • Essential for anyone concerned with upcoming EPA environmental assessment policies
  • Summary

    Basic Environmental Toxicology provides a thorough, systematic introduction to environmental toxicology and addresses many of the effects of pollutants on humans, animals, and the environment. Readers are introduced to the fundamentals of toxicology and ecotoxicology, the effects of different types of toxicants, and how toxicants affect different compartments of the environment. Fundamental aspects of environmental health, occupational health, detection of pollutants, and risk assessment are discussed. The book is excellent for anyone involved in risk assessment or risk management, toxicologists, state and local public health officials, environmental engineers, industrial managers, consultants, and students taking environmental toxicology courses.

    Table of Contents

    Introduction (B.S. Shane). Principles of Ecotoxicology (B.S. Shane). Xenobiotic Metabolism (L.G. Hansen and B.S. Shane). Toxic Metals in the Environment (L.W. Chang and L.G. Cockerham). Toxicity of Petroleum and Oil (E.B. Overton and W.D. Sharp). Toxicity of Solvents (A.S. Hume and I.K. Ho). Toxicity of Pesticides (J.E. Chambers). Halogenated Aromatic Compounds (L.G. Hansen). Environmental Ionizing Radiation (L.G. Cockerham and M.B. Cockerham). Animal and Plant Toxins (J.S. Albertson and F.W. Oehme). Toxicology of Air Pollution (D.E. Gardner and S.C.M. Gardner). Soil Toxicology (K.C. Donnelly, C.S. Anderson, G.C. Barbee, and D.J. Manek). Environmental Aquatic Toxicology (K. Kleinow and M.S. Goodrich). Impact of Xenobiotics on Estuarine Ecosystems (J.S. Weis and P. Weis). Wildlife Toxicology (G.J. Smith and R.J. Hall). Environmental Health (C.J. George and W.J. George). Occupational Toxicology (N.P. Page). Environmental Epidemiology (J.D. Rench). Detection: Analytical (C.A. Purser and A.S. Hume). Detection: Bioassay (D. Schaeffer). Risk Assessment for Human Health (N.P. Page).

    Ecological Risk Assessment (D. Rodier and M. Zeeman).

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