Understanding Indoor Air Quality

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ISBN 9780849388460
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  • Comprehensive coverage of point sources of indoor air pollutants
  • Thorough coverage of human health effects from indoor air pollution
  • Discussions regarding Indoor air quality diagnosis
  • Overview of history and social context
  • Summary

    Understanding Indoor Air Quality presents a comprehensive examination of indoor air pollution that addresses the scope, origins, social context, and human health consequences of this emerging public health issue. Topics including the history, social context, and point sources of pollutants and their subsequent consequences are discussed. New and practical approaches for the diagnosis of indoor air quality problems are also addressed. The book's extensive coverage of indoor air pollution makes it essential for physicians, nurses, industrial hygienists, safety professionals, building owners and managers, office managers and workers, as well as others concerned with this problem.

    Table of Contents

    Foreword. The Problem With Indoor Air. What Causes Indoor Air Pollution? What Health Effects Result From Indoor Air Pollution? Indoor Air Sampling Methods. Indoor Air Quality Case Histories. How Are IAQ Problems Actually Solved? Index.