Ryanodine Receptors: G Protein-Coupled Receptors

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  • Provides the only collection of chapters on ryanodine receptors from internationally known experts
  • Presents an introductory overview of the subject
  • A must-have text/reference for students and professional scientists
  • Summary

    This is the first single source to present this important topic from the points of view of many international experts. Chapters written by morphologists, biochemists, pharmacologists, and molecular biologists from around the world are brought together to provide an introductory overview to this key component of intracellular signalling. This ideal text/reference will be useful to students of the basic sciences and medicine as well as professional scientists who want to update their knowledge in this field.

    Table of Contents

    Ultrastructural Studies on Feet/Ryanodine Receptors, C. Franzini-Armstrong
    Regulation of the Calcium Release Channels, B.E. Ehrlich and A.R. Marks
    Cyclic ADP-ribose: A Mediator of a Calcium Signaling Pathway, H.C. Lee
    Regulation of Ryanodine Receptors by Cyclic ADP-ribose, A. Galione and R. Summerhill
    Ryanodine Receptor-Specific Scorpion Toxins: New Probes for the Analysis of Channel Structure and Function, J. Morrissette and R. Coronado
    Molecular Biology of Ryanodine Receptors, V. Sorrentino
    Expression of Ryanodine Receptors, A. Nori, L. Gorza, and P. Volpe
    Ryanodine Receptors and Intracellular Signaling, M.J. Berridge, T.R. Cheek, D.L. Bennett, and M. Bootman
    The Role of Skeletal Muscle Ryanodine Receptor Gene in Malignant Hyperthermia and Central Core Disease, D.H. MacLennan and M.S. Phillips