Commercializing Micro-Nanotechnology Products

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  • Gives a realistic and pragmatic view of the socioeconomic impacts of MNTs and the markets they will create in the future
  • Relates the practical experiences of leading companies and organizations in achieving market success with new MNT products
  • Presents the first resource dedicated to the commercialization of micro-nanotechnology products
  • Provides an appraisal of the current status of MNT technologies and their ability to produce commercially viable products and systems
  • Summary

    Micro-nanotechnologies (MNT) are already making a profound impact on our daily lives. New applications are well underway in the US, Asia, and Europe. However, their potentially disruptive nature, along with the public’s concerns, has produced a number of challenges. Commercializing Micro-Nanotechnology Products provides a snapshot of the current market situation and details the need for MNT development. It outlines the problems facing today’s businesses and discusses the processes for commercialization, road mapping, technology transfer analysis, and entrepreneurial development.

    The book begins by detailing the steps required to turn an idea into a marketable product. The editors give examples of previously successful products and relate to their own experiences in development. Next, the text focuses on the importance of entrepreneurship and the required steps to finance and develop a marketing strategy. It contains various definitions of nanotechnology and how each relates to roadmap and production issues. Three detailed case studies from the leading MNT development and manufacturing companies describe how each venture started and progressed to become a market leader. These studies offer valuable insight into overcoming the challenges related to achieving financial backing and specifying the right product for development.

    This reference provides the only insightful appraisal of the current status of micro-nanotechnology products. It describes a concise process for product commercialization, from market research to end product realization. Commercializing Micro-Nanotechnologies provides a clear strategy for choosing the right product to development and overcoming challenges in the growing global market.

    Table of Contents

    D. Tolfree                                                                             
    The Path to Commercialization                       
    D. Tolfree, R. Mehalso                                                                                                                                                                       
    Entrepreneurship's Role in Commercializing Micro-Nanotechnology Products                 
    B. Kirchhoff, S. Walsh
    Roadmapping Nanotechnology                         
    S. Walsh, B. Kirchhoff, D. Tolfree
    Technology Transfer of Nanotechnology Products from US Universities and the Influence of the National Nanotechnology Initiative    
    M. Jackson, G. Robinson, M. Whitfield
    Commercialization Strategies for Public Research Organizations  
    K. Eijkel, A. Zoomer
    Market Analysis and Growth for MNT Products                         
    J. C. Eloy              
    Oxonica Ltd- A Leading UK Nanotechnology Business             
    K. Matthews                                        

    Zyvex Corporation - Providing Today’s Nanotechnology Solutions

    J. von Ehr                                                             
    microParts GmbH- A Leading German Microtechnology Company 
    R. Wechsung                        
    Shaping the Future                                                                            
    D. Tolfree