Emerging Lithographic Technologies for Nanopatterning

Emerging Lithographic Technologies for Nanopatterning

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  • Explores conventional and emerging technologies for fabricating nanoscale structures, devices, and systems
  • Features contributions from renowned professionals
  • Includes examples and case studies in each chapter
  • Covers next-generation and scanning probe microscopy lithography
  • Summary

    As devices become progressively smaller, nanofabrication is increasingly essential for the realization of nanotechnologies that require such structures. Emerging Lithographic Technologies for Nanopatterning reviews conventional and non-conventional technologies for fabricating semiconductor circuits, particularly on microchips. Emphasizing multidisciplinary principles, methodologies, and practical applications, coverage includes emerging techniques for next-generation semiconductor lithography, scanning probe microscope lithography, self-assembly, imprint lithography, and techniques specifically developed for making nanoscale particles, wires, and tubes as well as molecular circuits and devices.

    Table of Contents

    Optical Lithography and Basic Processes. Next Generation Lithography with Masks. Maskless Processes Using Energetic Beams. Scanning Probe Microscope Lithography. Bottom-Up Approaches. Future.

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