Giant Micelles: Properties and Applications

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  • Examines the theoretical aspects of giant micelle formation and the rheological behavior of their solutions
  • Addresses experimental studies and tools including scattering methods, phase diagrams, linear and non-linear rheology, and chemical relaxation
  • Reviews properties of giant micelles on solid surfaces and of systems of smart micelles
  • Discusses applications of giant micelles in the oil and gas industry as well as personal care products
  • Summary

    The co-evolution of a strong theoretical framework alongside application of a range of sophisticated experimental tools engendered rapid advancement in the study of “giant micelles.” Beginning with Anacker and Debye’s 1951 experimental study of elongated micelles by light scattering  and their subsequent theoretical inference that the thermodynamics of these structures would have to reflect an opposing force model, theory and experiment have progressed hand in hand. This progress, along with growing interest in the practical and industrial applications of these structures in cleansers, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and energy production, demands a comprehensive, single-source reference to the current state-of-the-science.
    Drawing on the expertise of internationally known scientists, Giant Micelles: Properties and Applications summarizes the range of behaviors encountered in solutions of micelles and their applications in industrial processes. The book introduces theoretical aspects of the rheological behavior and formation of giant micelles from different viewpoints including molecular-level thermodynamic theory and computer simulations. It continues by focusing on the results of a variety of experimental studies using methods such as cryo-transmission electron microscopy, scattering techniques, phase diagrams, linear and non-linear rheology, and chemical relaxation.  Illustrating the properties of giant micelles on solid surfaces, the book also considers systems of smart micelles that respond to external stimuli by a change of shape. The authors describe giant micelles formed from amphiphilic block copolymers as well as non-covalent polymers that exhibit similar rheological behavior to giant micelles. Finally, the chapters address current and emerging applications of giant micelles in oil and gas production, drag reduction, drug-delivery formulations, and personal care products such as shampoo.
    By gathering a range of information into one volume, Giant Micelles: Properties and Applications provides scientists with an essential reference on these fascinating materials and their emerging role in industrial application.

    Table of Contents

    Molecular Thermodynamics of Giant Micelles, R. Nagarajan
    Molecular Packing in Cylindrical Micelles, S. May and A. Ben-Shaul
    Computer Simulations of Wormlike Micelles, J. T. Padding, W.K. den Otter, and W. J. Briels
    Theoretical Rheology of Giant Micelles, M. Cates and S. Fielding
    Seeing Giant Micelles by Cryogenic-Temperature Transmission Electron Microscopy (Cryo-TEM), Y. Talmon
    Scattering from Wormlike Micelles, J. Skov Pedersen, L. Cannavacciouolo, and
    P. Schurtenberger
    Phase Behavior of Systems with Wormlike Micelles, F. Nettesheim and E. W. Kaler
    Linear Rheology of Aqueous Solutions of Wormlike Micelles, M. In
    Nonlinear Rheology of Giant Micelles, J.E. Puig, F. Bautista, J.F.A. Soltero, and O. Manero
    Relaxation in Wormlike Micelle Solutions, G. Waton and R. Zana
    Giant Micelles at and Near Surfaces, R. Atkin, A. Blom, and G.G. Warr
    Stimuli-Responsive Giant Micellar Systems, F.P. Hubbard, Jr., and N.L. Abbott
    Hydrogen Bonded Supramolecular Polymers versus Wormlike Micelles: Similarities and Specificities, L. Bouteiller
    Nonionic Block Copolymer Wormlike Micelles, Y.Y. Won and F.S. Bates
    Oilfield Applications of Giant Micelles, P. Sullivan, E.B. Nelson, V Anderson, and T. Hughes
    Drag Reduction by Surfactant Giant Micelles, J.L. Zakin, Y. Zhang, and W. Ge
    Giant Micelles and Shampoos, L. Nicolas-Morgantini
    Daily Applications of Systems with Wormlike Micelles, S. Ezrahi, E. Tuval, A. Aserin, and N. Garti

    Editorial Reviews

    "The main body of the text thematised and highlighted clearly and with its simple tables (with carefully selected examples) and figures is ideally presented with succinct discussion and evaluation that is undertaken in a consistent manner. Figures are never over-complicated or ambiguous, always well thought-out and coherent in their labeling and annotation and well distributed throughout the text and this makes the subject matter clear and interesting."

    – Dipak K Sarker, School of Pharmacy & Biomolecular Sciences, The University of Brighton, in Reviews, June 2008, Vol. 9, No. 16, Issue 1