Boron and Its Role in Crop Production

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ISBN 9780849365829
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  • Presents symptoms of boron deficiency and toxicity to assist farmers, researchers, and extension personnel to identify plant disorders and make appropriate recommendations
  • Describes several different applications of boron to allow farmers to choose the method that best suits their needs
  • Identifies toxicity and deficiency levels of boron to allow farmers to determine whether crops are receiving proper amounts of boron
  • Summary

    Boron and Its Role in Crop Production provides a broad perspective on this subject by experts from around the world. The book offers in-depth coverage of the chemistry of boron, the extraction of boron from various soils, methods for determining boron in soil and plants, and the role of boron in the physiology of plants and seed production. It also examines the technology and application of boron fertilizers for crops, the response to boron of various crops, boron deficiency and toxicity in plants, and boron distribution among plant parts. Modeling of boron adsorption and desorption to provide a description of chemical systems in soils is explained, and models for detoxifying boron in irrigation water high in boron content are described.

    Table of Contents

    Introduction (U.C. Gupta). Chemistry and Mineralogy of Boron in Soils (S. Goldberg). Sources of Boron (U.C. Gupta). Physiology and Biochemistry of Boron in Plants (B.J. Shelp). Factors Affecting Boron Uptake by Plants (U.C. Gupta). Soil Testing for Boron on Acid Soils (O.O. Offiah and J.H. Axley). Soil Testing for Boron on Alkaline Soils (J.R. Self). Deficiency, Sufficiency and Toxicity Levels of Boron in Crops (U.C. Gupta). Deficiency and Toxicity Symptons of Boron in Plants (U.C. Gupta). Technology and Application of Boron Fertilizers for Crops (J.J. Mortvedt and J.R. Woodruff). Responses to Boron on Field and Horticultural Crop Yields (U.C. Gupta). Role of Boron in Seed Production (A. Mozafar). Boron Toxicity and Irrigation Management (A.J. Leyshon and Y.W. Jame). Index.