Handbook of Soil Science

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  • Presents detailed information in immensely readable form
  • Contains definitive descriptions of the major areas of the discipline, including fundamental principles and appropriate methods to measure various properties
  • Provides numerous examples of variations in properties in different soils throughout the world
  • Offers guidelines for interpretation of the data for applications in various fields, such as agriculture, engineering, and environmental sciences
  • Summary

    The Handbook of Soil Science provides a resource rich in data that gives professional soil scientists, agronomists, engineers, ecologists, biologists, naturalists, and their students a handy reference about the discipline of soil science. This handbook serves professionals seeking specific, factual reference information. Each subsection includes a description of concepts and theories; definitions; approaches; methodologies and procedures; tabular data; figures; and extensive references.

    Table of Contents

    Soil Physics, A.W. Warrick
    Physical Properties of Primary Particles
    Dynamic Properties of Soils
    Soil Water Content and Water Potential Relationships
    Soil Water Movement
    Energy and Water Balances at Soil-Plant-Atmosphere Interfaces
    Solute Transport
    Soil Structure
    Soil Gas Movement in Unsaturated Systems
    Soil Spatial Variability

    Soil Chemistry, P.M. Huang
    The Chemical Composition of Soils
    Soil Organic Matter
    The Soil Solution
    Kinetics and Mechanisms of Soil Chemical Reactions
    Redox Phenomena
    Soil Colloidal Behavior
    Ion Exchange Pehnomena
    Chemisorption and Precipitation Reactions
    Abiotic Catalysis
    Soil pH and pH Buffering

    Soil Biology and Biochemistry, E.A. Paul
    Soil Fauna
    Microbially Mediated Processes
    Nitrogen Transformations

    Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition, E.J. Kamprath
    Bioavailability of Major Essential Nutrients
    Bioavailability of Micronutrients
    Nutrient Interactions in Soil and Plant Nutrition
    Soil Fertility Evaluation
    Fundamentals of Fertilizer Application
    Nutrient and Water Use Efficiency

    Pedology, L.P. Wilding
    Geomorphology of Soil Landscapes
    Pedogenic Processes
    Pedological Modeling
    Soil Taxonomy
    Other Systems of Soil Classification
    Classification of Soils
    Land Evaluation for Landscape Units

    Soil Mineralogy, J.W. Stucki
    The Alteration and Formation of Soil Minerals by Weathering
    Oxide Minerals
    Poorly Crystalline Aluminosilicate Clays

    Interdiscipinary Aspects of Soil Science, I. Shainberg
    Hardsetting Soils
    Biogeochemistry of Wetlands
    Acid Sulfate Soils
    Soils and Environmental Quality
    Water Erosion
    Wind Erosion
    Land Application of Wastes
    Conservation Tillage
    Soil Quality

    Soil Databases, M. F. Baumgardner
    From the Soil Map of the World to the Digital Global Soil and Terrain Database: 1960-2002
    SOTER: The World Soils and Terrain Database
    Development of a 0.5° by 0.5° Resolution Global Database
    The Canadian Soil Database
    United States Soil Survey Database
    The Use of Soil Databases in Resource Assessments

    Editorial Reviews

    Winner of a Choice magazine's Outstanding Academic Title award, January 2001
    "…is immensely research oriented being written by research scientists and engineers…the handbook is an excellent contribution that will be used by many different groups of soil scientists, engineers, and persons in related disciplines…The authors are top-notch in their areas…book is well laid out and edited…is a worthy addition to any soil scientists library…I would recommend it especially for persons starting out in a soil science field, who would gain much from the vast knowledge and experience represented by these authors."
    --Larry M. Shuman, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, Vol. 107, no. 4

    "…makes extensive use of the primary research literature…near-encyclopedic assemblage of the core knowledge…a unique reference work on soil science…more appropriately called a compendium of soil science…valuable reference text across the range of soil science…essential library purchase for institutions for undergraduates and post graduate students…many professional soil scientists, agronomists, geographers, engineers and ecologists active in teaching, research, extension, consultancy and soil management will find a useful assemblage of core knowledge."
    --D. W. Hopkins, European Journal of Soil Science, March 2001, 52


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