Nanotechnology in Biology and Medicine: Methods, Devices, and Applications

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  • Describes nanosensors that track the biochemical processes and reveal the sub-microscopic structures of living cells
  • Covers methods and applications for various nanostructures including nanotubes, quantum dots, nanoshells, and nanowires
  • Discusses self-assembly, biomanufacturing, and other methods and considerations for designing nanomaterials
  • Explains the various sensing modalities and analytical techniques employed for unprecedented bioanalysis at the cellular level
  • Explores nanocarriers as a drug delivery tool to specific targeted antigens
  • Considers the application of nanotechnologies for stem cell research, gene diagnostics, tissue engineering, and other biomedical uses
  • Summary

    The combination of biology and nanotechnology has led to a new generation of nanodevices that make it possible to characterize the chemical, mechanical, and other molecular properties, as well as discover novel phenomena and biological processes occurring at the molecular level. These advances provide science with a wide range of tools for biomedical applications in therapeutic, diagnostic, and preventive medicine.

    Nanotechnology in Biology and Medicine: Methods, Devices, and Applications integrates interdisciplinary research and recent advances in instrumentation and methods for applying nanotechnology to various areas in biology and medicine. Pioneers in the field describe the design and use of nanobiosensors with various analytical techniques for the detection and monitoring of specific biomolecules, including cancer cells. The text focuses on the design of novel bio-inspired materials, particularly for tissue engineering applications. Each chapter provides introductory material including a description of methods, protocols, instrumentation, and applications, as well as a collection of published data with an extensive list of references.

    An authoritative reference written for a broad audience, Nanotechnology in Biology and Medicine: Methods, Devices, and Applications provides a comprehensive forum that integrates interdisciplinary research to present the most recent advances in protocols, methods, instrumentation, and applications of nanotechnology in biology and medicine.

    Table of Contents

    Nanotechnology in Biology and Medicine: The Next Frontier. T. Vo-Dinh
    Self-Assembled Organic Nanotubes: Novel Bionanomaterials for Orthopaedics And Tissue Engineering, H. Fenniri
    Bio-Inspired Nanomaterials for a New Generation of Medicine, H. Lee and P.B. Messersmith
    Silicon Nanoparticles for Biophotonics, M.T. Swihart
    Self-Assembled Gold Nanoparticles With Organic Linkers, G. Smith and S. Schelm
    Nanowires for Biomolecular Sensing, S. Kelley
    Nucleoprotein-Based Nanodevices in Drug Design and Delivery
    Bimetallic Nanoparticles: Synthesis and Characterization, T. Pal, A. Pal, and S. Panigrahi
    Nanotube-Based Membrane Systems, L. Baker and C. Martin
    Quantum Dots, A. Agrawal, Y. Xing, X. Gao, and S. Nie
    Nanopore Methods for DNA Detection and Sequencing, W. Vercoutere and M. Akeson
    Nanoimaging of Biomolecules Using Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopy, M.B. Wabuyele and T. Vo-Dinh
    3-Dimensional Aberration Corrected Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy for Biology, N. de Jonge, R. Sougrat, D.B. Peckys, A.R. Lupini, and S.J. Pennycook
    Development and Modeling of a Novel Self-Assembly Process for Polymer and Polymeric Composite Nanoparticles, B.G. Sumpter, M.D. Barnes, W.A. Shelton, R.J. Harrison, and D.W. Noid
    Bionanomanufacturing: Processes for the Manipulation and Deposition of Single Biomolecules, D.C. Chow, M.S. Johannes, W.K. Lee, R.L. Clark, S. Zauscher, and A. Chilkoti
    Single Molecule Detection and Activity Monitoring at the Nanoscale Level in Fixed and Living Cells by Optical Spectroscopy, K. Chen and T. Vo-Dinh
    Optical Nanosensors and Nanoprobes, T. Vo-Dinh
    Bio-molecule Sensing Using Surface Plasmon Resonance, H.P. Ho and S.Y. Wu
    Bioconjugated Nanoparticles for Biotechnology and Bioanalysis, L. Wang, C. Lofton, and W. Tan
    Nanoscale Optical Sensors Based on Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR), A.J. Haes, D.A. Stuart, and R..P. Van Duyne
    Towards the Next Generation of Enzyme Biosensors: Communication with Enzymes Using Carbon Nanotubes, J.J. Gooding
    Cellular Interfacing with Arrays of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanofibers and Nanofiber-Templated Materials, T.E. McKnight, A.V. Melechko, G.D. Griffin, M.A. Guillorn, V.I. Merkulov, M.J. Doktycz, M.N. Ericson, and M.L. Simpson
    Microdissection and Development of Genetic Probes Using Atomic Force Microscopy, S. Thalhammer and W.M. Heckl
    Programmed Cell Behaviour at the Cellular Level, L. You et al (Duke University)
    Fluorescence Study of Protein 3-D Subdomains at the Nanoscale Level, P.M. Viallet and T. Vo-Dinh
    Quantum Dots as Tracers For DNA Electrochemical Sensing Systems, A. Merkoçi and S. Alegret
    Nanobiosensors: Carbon Nanotubes in Bioelectrochemistry, S. Brahim, N.K. Shukla, and A. Guiseppi-Elie
    Cellular Imaging and Analysis Using SERS-Active Nanoparticles, M.B. Wabuyele, F. Yan, and T. Vo-Dinh
    Magnetic Nanoparticles as Contrast Agents for Medical Diagnostics, L. Tiefenauerl
    Methods and Applications of Metallic Nanoshells in Biology and Medicine, F. Yan and T. Vo-Dinh
    Nanoparticles in Medical Diagnostics and Therapeutics, Y. Choi and J.R. Baker, Jr.
    Responsive Self-assembled Nanostructures, C.G. Palivan, C. Vebert, F. Axthelm, and W. Meier
    Monitoring Apoptosis and Anticancer Drug Activity in Single Cells Using Nanosensors, P.M. Kasili and T. Vo-Dinh
    Methods and Applications of Metallic Nanoshells in Biology and Medicine, F. Yan and T. Vo-Dinh
    A Fractal Analysis of Binding and Dissociation Kinetics of Glucose and Related Analytes on Biosensor Surfaces at the Nanoscale Level, A.M. Doke, T. Vo-Dinh, and A. Sadana
    Nanotechnologies in Adult Stem Cell Research, S.D. Pelled and G. Gazit
    Gene Diagnostics Using SERS Nanoprobes and Nanostructures, T. Vo-Dinh and F. Yan
    Ethics of Nanotechnology in Medicine: Challenges and Promises, L. Tiefenauer and T. Vo-Dinh
    Integrated Cantilever Based Biosensors for the Detection of Chemical and Biological Entities, A. Gupta and R.. Bashir

    Editorial Reviews

    "… one of the best collections of the most recent nanotechnological advances and their applications … a very welcome addition to the field. The editor … is an authoritative expert in the field of nano-biotechnology … a very good collection of thought-stimulating recent research topics."

    – CHEMMEDCHEM,2, 2008

    "Overall, this book with contributions by 96 authors from a broad range of disciplines is a valuable resource for everyone interested in this exciting interdisciplinary field, where nanotechnology and optics meet biology and medicine."

    – Katrin Kneipp, Harvard University Medical School and Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology, in Angewandte Chemie, 2008, Vol. 47, No. 13

    "Black-and-white diagrams and photographs enhance this highly detailed resource recommended for professionals in the field- the better to stay abreast of the latest developments!- as well as for students and educators."

    – James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief of Midwest Book Review, in Midwest Book Review, June 2008



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