World Economic Plants: A Standard Reference

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  • Comprises the most extensive book on this subject
  • Provides a means for international standardization in nomenclature of economic plants
  • Clarifies each of the entries by including information on economic uses as well as geographic distribution
  • Summary

    No previously published work has so comprehensively compiled essential information as this, covering almost 10,000 vascular plants of commercial importance throughout the world. For each plant the accepted scientific name, synonyms, common names, economic uses, and geographical distribution are provided.
    World Economic Plants: A Standard Reference provides the broad coverage needed in a global economy. It includes information garnered during more than two decades of research on economic plants.
    The information given conforms to all international standards for botanical data and results from an extensive review of literature and the input of numerous agricultural and botanical scientists.
    This book is invaluable to everyone dealing with economic vascular plants, be they from research or commerce including international agriculture, horticulture, or government.

    Table of Contents

    Discussion of Content
    Scientific Names
    Common Names
    Economic Importance
    Food Additives
    Animal Food
    Bee Plants
    Invertebrate Food
    Social Uses
    Vertebrate Poisons
    Non-Vertebrate Poisons
    Environmental Uses
    Gene Sources
    Harmful Organism Host
    CITES Appendices I and II
    Geographical Distribution
    Symbols and Abbreviations
    References Cited
    List of Reviewers
    Catalog of Economic Plants
    Index of Common Names
    List of Figures and Tables
    Sample of Accepted Name Entry
    Classes and Subclasses of Economic Impact
    List of Standard Geographical Areas and Regions
    World Map of Standard Geographical Regions

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    Editorial Reviews

    "This will be an important source of standardized information for anyone working with economic plants."
    -S.L. Timme,Choice, October 1999
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