Carbon Monoxide Toxicity

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  • Compares different approaches to managing CO poisoning around the world
  • Addresses the broadening awareness of chronic, non-lethal CO exposure and the health harms it can cause
  • Presents both high tech scanning approaches and neuropsychological tools in the diagnosis of damage from CO poisoning
  • Examines the setting of carbon monoxide health regulations in the environment and their success over the past several decades in the United States
  • Includes new data on CO in suicide and motor vehicle accidents around the world and recent attempts to curtail them
  • Summary

    Public interest in the health impacts of carbon monoxide (CO) has been increasing rapidly during the past decade. And rightly so: it is the most ubiquitous environmental poison. Car exhaust fumes, furnaces, gas-powered engines, home water heaters, smoke from all types of fire, and tobacco smoke all contribute to carbon monoxide intoxication - the leading cause of poisoning death in the United States. Even when it doesn't cause death, it often produces lasting, deleterious effects on the central nervous system.

    From one of the world's top CO experts, Carbon Monoxide Toxicity examines the latest basic science and clinical research from around the world. It addresses the gamut of health-related CO issues, from the history of CO studies to the hidden threat of chronic low-level exposure. The broad themes center on clinical management of various forms of CO poisoning and education of the public on the constant dangers of CO.

    Thanks to the success of CO environmental health regulations in the U.S., society is much more aware of the threat of CO poisoning. Increasing numbers of people use CO detectors in public buildings, homes, pleasure boats, and aircraft. Carbon Monoxide Toxicity meets the need for current research on the clinical management of CO poisoning.

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    Table of Contents

    History of Carbon Monoxide Toxicology, D. Pankow
    Carbon Monoxide in Breath, Blood, and Other Tissues, H. J. Vreman, R. J. Wong, and D. K. Stevenson
    Carbon Monoxide Detectors, R. Kwor
    The Setting of Health-Based Standards for Ambient Carbon Monoxide and Their Impact on Atmospheric Levels, J. A. Raub
    Effect of Carbon Monoxide on Work and Exercise Capacity in Humans, M. J. Hazucha
    The Interacting Effects of Altitude and Carbon Monoxide, J. J. McGrath
    Interactions among Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Cyanide, Low Oxygen Hypoxia, Carbon Dioxide, and Inhaled Irritant Gases, D. A. Purser
    Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and Its Management in the United States, N. Hampson
    Death by Suicide Involving Carbon Monoxide around the World, P. Baume and M. Skopek
    Carbon Monoxide as an Unrecognized Cause of Neurasthenia, A. Donnay
    Update on the Clinical Treatment of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, S. R. White
    Treatment of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in France, M. Mathieu-Nolf and D. Mathieu
    Acute Carbon Monoxide Poisonings in Poland: Research and Clinical Experience, J. A. Sokal and J. Pach
    Treatment of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in the United Kingdom, M. Hamilton-Farrell and J. Henry
    Carbon Monoxide Air Pollution and Its Health Impact on the Major Cities of China, Q. Chen and L. Wang
    Use of Scanning Techniques in the Diagnosis of Damage from Carbon Monoxide, I. S. Choi
    Low-Level Carbon Monoxide and Human Health, R. D. Morris
    Chronic Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, D. G. Penney
    Chronic Carbon Monoxide Exposure: The CO Support Study, A. Hay, S. Jaffer, D. Davis
    Neuropsychological Evaluation of the Carbon Monoxide-Poisoned Patient, D. Helffenstein
    Pediatric Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, S. R. White
    Carbon Monoxide Production, Transport, and Hazard in Building Fires, F. W. Mowrer and V. Brannigan
    Approaches to Dealing with Carbon Monoxide in the Living Environment, T. H. Greiner and C. V. Schwab

    Editorial Reviews

    "…provides a thorough, careful review for those toxicologists specializing in pulmonary or combustion toxicology…recommended highly …"
    - Vet Human Toxicology

    "A unique book presenting scientific information not available in a single source… Covers new evidence on effects resulting from low-level exposures… This book is regarded as high quality, and authoritative with reliable resources for scientific information on CO and the related health effects."
    - Doody Publishing, Inc.