The Handbook of Highway Engineering

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  • Offers extensive coverage of every facet of highway engineering, incorporating a global best-practice perspective
  • Reflects the latest thinking regarding the integrated highway management approach
  • Examines the latest developments in flexible and rigid highway pavement design and rehabilitation, including new AASHTO design approaches
  • Includes easy-to-use software for new closed-form solutions for structural and nondestructive backcalculation analysis, available on the CRC Web site
  • Summary

    Modern highway engineering reflects an integrated view of a road system's entire lifecycle, including any potential environmental impacts, and seeks to develop a sustainable infrastructure through careful planning and active management. This trend is not limited to developed nations, but is recognized across the globe. Edited by renowned authority T.F. Fwa, The Handbook of Highway Engineering provides a comprehensive, up-to-date treatment of all aspects of highway development and engineering. Its three sections range from consideration of socio-economic and environmental factors to design, construction, maintenance, and management.

    Beginning with financing, access management, environmental impacts, road safety, and noise, the book explores the expanded responsibilities of the modern highway engineer as well as the increasing trend toward privatization of project development and financing. The next section considers technical issues in highway and pavement engineering, including materials, new mechanistic-empirical design approaches, and new closed-form solutions for backcalculation as well as deflection and stress computation in multi-slab systems. Rounding out the discussion, the final section examines construction, management, performance evaluation including nondestructive testing, and a chapter devoted to highway asset management.

    Featuring contributions from eminent experts representing eight countries on four continents, The Handbook of Highway Engineering supplies all of the tools needed to manage the entire integrated process of modern highway development and engineering.

    Table of Contents

    Highway Financing; Anthony T.H. Chin
    Access Management of Highways; K. Raguraman and Kumares C. Sinha
    Environmental Impact Assessment of Highway Development; M.A. Aziz
    Highway Safety; Ian Johnston
    Road Traffic Noise; Stephen Samuels
    Highway Geometric Design; R.L. Cheu
    Highway Materials; Weng On Tam
    Design of Flexible Pavements; Michael S. Mamlouk
    Design of Rigid Pavements; T.F. Fwa and Liu Wei
    Design of Segmental Pavements; John W. Bull
    Overlay Design for Flexible Pavements; Mang Tia
    Overlay Design for Rigid Pavements; T.F. Fwa
    Highway Drainage Systems and Design; Khaled Ksaibati and Laycee L. Kolkman
    Highway Construction; K.N. Gunalan
    Project Management in Highway Construction; Derek Walker and Arun Kumar
    Highway Maintenance; Ian van Wijk
    Asset Management; Sue McNeil and Pannapa Herabat
    Pavement Management Systems; Waheed Uddin
    Highway Condition Surveys and Serviceability Evaluation; Zahidul Hoque
    Structural Evaluation of Highway Pavements; T.F. Fwa
    Pavement Skid Resistance Management; Kieran Feighan
    Bridge Management Systems; Yi Jiang
    Conversion Table for Metric and Imperial Units

    Editorial Reviews

    T.F. Fwa is the Recipient of the ASCE 2005 Frank M. Masters Transportation Engineering Award "For his innovative research on highway and airport pavements and excellence in teaching and professional activities to enhance transportation engineering."
    -Transportation and Development Institute of ASCE, 2005

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