CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics CD-ROM, Second Edition

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ISBN 9780849319464
Cat# 1946



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  • More than 1000 new pages of terms defined, illustrated, and referenced
  • A thorough update of all original entries
  • Integrates the use of the Mathematica software into many entries, presenting the precise commands that allow you to implement the formulas presented
  • Thousands of references to related topics, sources in the literature, and Internet resources and links
  • Rigorous but highly readable technical definitions enhanced with the most useful, intersting, and entertaining aspects of the topic
  • Puts each topic into perspective with why it is useful, how it connects to other areas of mathematics and to science, and how it is implemented
  • Summary

    Impressive in its print version, The Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics on CD-ROM, Second Edition goes even further towards a reference that is highly accessible, fully searchable, and fun to explore. Now better than ever, the bestselling CD-ROM has been updated and expanded to include the equivalent of 1000 additional pages of illustrated entries, many of which were contributed by experts from around the world. The accessibility of the Encyclopedia along with its broad coverage and economical price make it attractive to and attainable by the widest possible range of readers and a must for libraries--from the high school to professional and research levels. It is simply the most impressive compendium of mathematical definitions, formulas, figures, tabulations, and references available.

    Table of Contents

    Alphabetic listing of encyclopedic articles.

    Editorial Reviews

    Praise for the first edition:

    "This extraordinary volume beautifully captures many of the discoveries in mathematics in a readable and authoritative fashion…What is truly exceptional is that this encyclopedia is the product of a single dedicated and talented author…This book is an excellent resource for both teaching and research libraries…"
    -Journal of Mathematical Psychology

    "I cannot praise the work too highly: Its vast scope and readability make the encyclopedia a great success."
    - Robert Dickau

    "Impressive...I found it very interesting and spent time reading about a variety of topics for which I had very little background or knowledge...A valuable source of information..."
    - W.E. Schiesser, Lehigh University

    "Users will actually look forward to picking it up… one of the more important tools that will help college students actually grasp important mathematical concepts, written in such a way as to invite students to return to it time and again to discover that they really can understand mathematics and apply its concepts to derive solutions to practical problems."