Nutrition in Public Health: Principles, Policies, and Practice

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  • Discusses socioeconomic, cultural, and health issues in urban areas, especially among emerging majority and ethnic populations
  • Presents opposing views on the conflicting interests of the USDA and DHHS
  • Provides guidelines and instruction for securing food supply safety in the event of an emergency
  • Analyzes cutting-edge legislation regarding functional foods, food labeling, and health claim regulations
  • Features specific skill-building tools related to grant writing, coalition building, and public relations
  • Includes reference lists, critical thinking questions, and quick reference tables
  • Summary

    Nutrition plays a key role in many areas of public health such as pre-term delivery, cancer, obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular and renal diseases. Government nutrition policy, therefore, bears a huge influence on the nation's biggest health concerns. There is a clear need for information on this topic that unarguably holds the key to the primary and secondary prevention of some of the major causes of premature death in the US.

    Nutrition in Public Health: Principles, Policies, and Practice provides an overview of the field and focuses on the role of the Federal Government in determining nutrition policy and practice. Beginning with a review of the definition and principles of public health, the book examines trends in the US population and nutritional epidemiology. It considers programs to help reduce disparities in the prevalence of diet-related chronic diseases among various populations, as well as a detailed chapter on obesity with discussions on global impact and cost, pediatric obesity, and the impact of socioeconomic status and ethnicity. Specific information is included on breastfeeding mothers, HIV/AIDS, and prison inmates. The book offers a look at the current nutritional status and guidelines in the US before providing a set of tools for the responsible practice of public health nutrition such as conducting nutrition assessments, designing and carrying out social marketing campaigns, writing grant proposals, and enacting programs to promote food security and ensure food supply and safety.

    Focusing on nutrition issues in the urban setting, Nutrition in Public Health: Principles, Policies, and Practice provides an integrated view of nutrition needs and the policies and political mechanisms that affect the delivery of quality food and nutrition services.

    Table of Contents

    Nutrition in Public Health
    Public Health
    Nutrition in Public Health
    Public Health Nutrition
    Community Nutrition
    Government's Role in Nutrition in Public Health
    Nutrition in Public Health - the Book

    Preventing Disease or Promoting Health?
    Brief Review of the History of Public Health
    Disease Prevention
    Current Health Behaviors of the U.S. Adult Population
    Disease Promotion
    History of Health Promotion
    Health Promotion in its Current Incarnation
    Public Policy
    Health Promotion and Universal Health Care
    Role of the Individual in Public Health
    A New Definition of Public Health's Role

    The U.S. Population - Looking Forward from the Past
    Minority Populations, Immigration, and Migration
    The U.S. Census Bureau
    Census Information Online
    U.S. Population Projections to 2050

    Nutritional Epidemiology
    Study Designs in Nutritional Epidemiology
    Technical Support

    Food and Nutrition Surveys for Monitoring the Public's Health
    National Center for Health Statistics
    Nutrition Monitoring Activities by USDA

    Prevalence of Diet-Related Chronic Disease: Disparities and Programs to Reduce Them
    The Leading Diet-Related Chronic Diseases
    Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
    Overweight and Obesity
    Diabetes in Children
    Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)

    Weight Control: Challenges and Solutions
    Defining Overweight and Obesity
    The Impact on Public Health
    The Costs of Overweight and Obesity
    The Global Picture
    The Nutrition Transition and its Repercussions
    Environmental Determinants of Overweight and Obesity
    U.S. Agricultural Policies
    Socioeconomic Status and Ethnicity
    Food Insecurity, Energy Density, and Weight
    The Food Environment
    Obesity Prevention

    Special Populations
    Breastfeeding Mothers and Breastfeeding Infants
    Prison Inmates

    Cultural Competence
    What is Cultural Competence?
    Why is Cultural Competence Important?
    Current and Projected Demographic Changes in the U.S
    Legislative, Regulatory, and Accreditation Mandates
    Nutrition Staff Development
    Foodways of the Major Ethnic/Racial Groups in the U.S.

    Food and Nutrition Politics, Policy, and Legislation
    Making Policy
    Types of Food and Nutrition Policy
    U.S. Farm Policy and Health
    Taking Action

    Food and Nutrition Guidance
    History of Federal Food and Nutrition Guidance
    Current Federal Food, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Guidance
    Disease Prevention Guidance from Federal and Voluntary Health Organizations

    Food and Nutrition Assessment of the Community
    Community Assessment
    Conducting an Assessment
    Geographic Information Systems

    Promoting Food Security
    Parsing "Food Security"
    Poverty in the U.S.
    Nutrition and Health Characteristics of Low-income Populations
    Hunger and Food Insecurity in the U.S
    Nutrition Assistance Programs
    Nongovernment, Nonprofit Organizations

    Social Marketing and Other Mass Communication Techniques
    Social Marketing
    Tailored Health Communication

    Food Safety and Defense
    Safety, Wholesomeness, and Labeling
    States and Territories
    Critique of the Food Safety Regulatory Apparatus
    Surveillance Systems
    Numbers of Outbreaks and Cases
    Emergency Management
    Disaster Response

    Grants to Support Initiatives in Public Health Nutrition
    Funding Sources
    Grant Application Mechanisms
    Grant Applications

    Editorial Reviews

    "… a welcome addition to the still small but growing body of literature… presents a comprehensive overview of publicly funded nutrition programs, the nutrition needs of the US population, and the policies and political mechanisms necessary to effect delivery of quality food and nutrition services. …exhaustive in scope… Firmly grounding sensible and sensitive nutrition policy in public health values, including where new thinking and approaches could lead to improvements, Arlene Spark has contributed a worthy effort to the field and practice of public health nutrition."

    —Karen Valenzuela, Washington State Department of Health, in Washington State Journal of Public Health Practice

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