Statistical Mechanics: Principles and Chemical Applications

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  • Provides an introduction to analytical and computational techniques of statistical mechanics
  • Covers current applications in several areas of chemistry with an analytical algorithmic approach
  • Allows students to verify results in the literature and formulate their own problems


This book reflects the advances in theories of liquids and computer simulation techniques and the applications to systems containing solutions of proteins and nucleic acids. It provides an introduction to analytical as well as computational techniques of statistical mechanics as applied problems to chemical interest. Using the up-to-date techniques provided in Statistical Mechanics: Techniques and Chemical Applications, students will be able to verify some of the results in the literature, formulate their own problems, and gain insights in their own research.

Table of Contents

Classical and Quantum Mechanics
Ensembles and Averages
Computer Simulations
Equilibrium Theory of Liquids
Nonequilibrium Phenomena
Linear Response Theory
Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena
Aqueous and Nonaqueous Solutions
Chemical Dynamics in Solution Media
MD Simulations in Solids
Sedimentation in a Random Medium
Density Functional Methods
Path Integral Methods
Molecule Surface Interactions
Polymer Solutions
Colloidal Solutions
Lattice Statistics
Biomolecular Systems
Potential Energy Surfaces
Functional Expansions and Diagram Techniques
Analytical Solutions PY
Integral Transforms and Algorithms for the Transforms
Computational Schemes for the Molecular Dynamics for Fluids
Algorithms for Solutions of Liouville, Fokker Planck, and Smoluchowsky Equations