Java Programming for Engineers

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  • Presents a complete overview of Java programming, as opposed to a preparation for further study
  • Derives exercises, examples, and programming projects from engineering problems
  • Emphasizes Java as a problem-solving tool rather than as a development platform for systems and major applications
  • Reduces theoretical computer science topics to their practical and hands-on components
  • Assumes no prior programming experience or knowledge
  • Furnishes all the necessary development PC software sample programs on the Web at
  • Summary

    While teaching Java programming at Minnesota State University, the authors noticed that engineering students were enrolling in Java programming courses in order to obtain basic programming skills, but there were no Java books suitable for courses intended for engineers. They realized the need for a comprehensive Java programming tutorial that offers basic programming skills that can be applied in the field of engineering. With this in mind, the authors developed Java Programming for Engineers in order to meet the needs of both engineers and engineering students.

    The text uses the personal computer as a development platform and assumes no prior programming experience or knowledge. The only skills expected of the reader are basic keyboarding and user-level familiarity with the PC. Topics covered range from mathematical expressions to linear systems to engineering graphics. Chapters on problem solving skills and the designing of engineering applications walk readers through real word problems they might encounter.

    Divided into two parts, Part 1 is a description of the Java language, of the fundamentals of object orientation, input and output operations, and error handling. Part 2 is about Java programming for engineers. It starts with computer number systems, fixed- and variable-precision numeric data, mathematical programming in Java as could be of interest to engineers, and concludes with an overview of Java Graphics.

    Table of Contents

    Java Programming
    Your First Java Program
    How Computers Store Information
    Storing and Naming Data
    Performing Input and Output
    Introducing Arrays
    Java Operators
    Other Java Operators
    Directing Program Flow
    Controlling Program Flow
    Programming with Loops
    Program Building Blocks
    Using Methods
    Object-Oriented Programming
    Object-oriented Coding
    Using Inheritance
    Object Composition
    I/O Programming
    Handling Errors
    Computer Number Systems
    Fixed-Precision Numeric Data
    Variable-Precision Numeric Data
    Fundamental Operations
    Java Math for Engineers
    Introducing Computer Graphics
    Java Graphics
    Displaying Graphic Images

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