Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration: Principles and Applications

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ISBN 9780824797355
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Integrates knowledge on microfiltration and ultrification, membrane chemistry, and characterization methods with the engineering and economic aspects of device performance, device and module design, processes, and applications. The text provides a discussion of membrane fundamentals and an analytical framework for designing and developing new filtrations systems for a broad range of technologically important functions. It offers information on membrane liquid precursors, fractal and stochastic pore space analysis, novel and advanced module designs, and original process design calculations.

Table of Contents

"Scientific and Manufacturing Aspects of MF UF Membranes, Leos J. Zeman Basic Chemistry and Physics of MF UF Membranes and Their Precursors Thermodynamics, Kinetic and Morphological Aspects of Membrane Formation Membrane Formation Technologies Characterization of MF UF Membranes Engineering Aspects of MF UF Technology, Andrew L. Zydney Solute and Solvent Transport Through Semipermeable Membranes Module Design and Membrane Configurations Bulk Mass Transport Process Configurations Membrane Fouling Membrane Cleaning, Compaction, and Chemical Degradation MF and UF Applications: Process Design and Economics, Andrew L. Zydney Blood Microfiltration Dairy Processing Recovery of Electrodeposition Paints Beverage Processing Biotechnological Applications Water Purification and Wastewater Treatment Microelectronics Industry Appendix 1: MF UF Membrane and Membrane Equipment Manufacturers Appendix 2: Membrane Science and Technology Monographs "

Editorial Reviews

". . .a well-written and documented text. This book can be considered the comprehensive reference for microfiltration and ultrafiltration techniques and principles. Scientists interested in an in-depth analysis of the techniques of membrane filtration will want to add this reference to their library. "