Metal Ions in Biological Systems: Volume 40: The Lanthanides and Their Interrelations with Biosystems

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  • Examines distribution of lanthanide ions in the Earth's crust, their mobilization through the terrestrial biosphere, and their complexing properties in solution and in the solid state
  • Discusses the use of lanthanide ions as probes in metal ion-dependent enzyme systems, in electron transfer proteins, for structural and mechanistic studies of ribozymes, as fluorescence labels for diagnostics, and as responsive luminescent species in the form of their complexes
  • Covers the use of lanthanide complexes in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and their interactions with proteins
  • Includes the metabolism and toxicity of these elements, as well as their potential pharmacological actions
  • Summary

    The Metal Ions in Biological Systems series is devoted to increasing our understanding of the relationship between the chemistry of metals and life processes. The volumes reflect the interdisciplinary nature of bioinorganic chemistry and coordinate the efforts of researchers in the fields of biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, coordination chemistry, environmental chemistry, biophysics, pharmacy, and medicine. Written by 36 internationally recognized experts and enriched with nearly 200 illustrations, Volume 40 highlights fast moving research on lanthanides and their interrelations with biosystems and emphasizes their recent impact in biochemical and biological studies, and in medicine.

    Table of Contents

    Distribution of the Lanthanides in the Earth's Crust
    Stuart Ross Taylor and Scott M. McLennan

    Mobilization of Lanthanides through the Terrestrial Biosphere
    Robert A. Bulman

    Complexes of Lanthanide Ions with Amino Acids, Phosphates, and Other Ligands
    of Biological Interest in Solution
    Herbert B. Silber and Sarah J. Paquette

    Biologically Relevant Structural Coordination Chemistry of Simple Lanthanide
    Ion Complexes
    Jack M. Harrowfield

    Lanthanide Ions as Probes in Studies for Metal Ion-Dependent Enzymes
    Etsuro Yoshimura and Tokuko Watanabe

    Lanthanide Chelates as Fluorescence Labels for Diagnostics and Biotechnology
    Kazuko Matsumoto and Jingli Yuan

    Responsive Luminescent Lanthanide Complexes
    David Parker and J. A. Gareth Williams

    Lanthanide Ions as Probes of Electron Transfer in Proteins
    Ronald M. Supkowski and William DeW. Horrocks, Jr.

    Lanthanide Ions as Luminescent Probes of Proteins and Nucleic Acids
    Claudia Turro, Patty K.-L. Fu, and Patricia M. Bradley

    Lanthanide-Promoted Peptide Bond Hydrolysis
    Makoto Komiyama and Tohru Takarada

    Lanthanide-Catalyzed Hydrolysis of Phosphate Esters and Nucleic Acids
    Hans-Jörg Schneider and Anatoly K. Yatsimirsky

    Sequence-Selective Scission of DNA and RNA by Lanthanides and Their
    Makoto Komiyama

    Lanthanide Ions as Probes for Metal Ions in the Structure and Catalytic
    Mechanism of Ribozymes
    Roland K. O. Sigel and Anna Marie Pyle

    Lanthanides as Shift and Relaxation Agents in Elucidating the Structure of
    Proteins and Nucleic Acids
    Carlos F. G. C. Geraldes and Claudio Luchinat

    Lanthanide Ions as Magnetic Resonance Imaging Agents. Nuclear and Electronic
    Relaxation Properties. Applications
    Lothar Helm, Éva Tóth, and André E. Merbach

    Interactions of Lanthanides and Their Complexes with Proteins. Conclusions
    Regarding Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    Silvio Aime, Alessandro Barge, Mauro Botta, and Enzo Terreno

    Metabolism and Toxicity of the Lanthanides
    Robert A. Bulman

    Cell Responses to Lanthanides and Potential Pharmacological Actions of
    Kui Wang, Yi Cheng, Xiaoda Yang, and Rongchang