Stimulated Brillouin Scattering: Fundamentals and Applications

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Stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) is the most important example of a stimulated scattering process-light scattering that occurs when the intensity of the light field itself affects the propagating medium. A phenomenon that has been known of for some 35 years in solid state laser research, it has recently become relevant in the optical fiber industry, due to the increasing intensity required in optical fiber cores (and their long interaction lengths). SBS is one of the major limiting factors on the amount of power that can be transmitted via an optical fiber.

This book describes the underlying physics of SBS, much of which are applicable to other fields of research, including, to some extent, plasma physics. It provides references to experimental details throughout. Later chapters investigate more advanced concepts and feature the problems faced by researchers using optical fibers.

Table of Contents

Spontaneous and stimulated scattering of the optical field. The one-dimensional SBS model-analytical solutions. Optical phase conjugation in SBS. Analytical solutions of the three-dimensional SBS model. SBS in optical fibers. Laser resonators with SBS mirrors. Optical solitons in SBS. Appendix 1: Selected materials for SBS. Appendix 2: Averaging of a Gaussian process in SBS. Appendix 3: Calculation of the SBS reflectivity with transverse effect corrections. Appendix 4: Calculation of SBS topological soliton solution in terms of the inverse problem in scattering theory

Editorial Reviews

"This book elegantly separates spontaneous Brillouin scattering from stimulated Brillouin scattering…"
-Optics & Photonics, October 2005