Physics for Diagnostic Radiology, Third Edition

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ISBN 9780750305914
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Physics for Diagnostic Radiology, Second Edition is a complete course for radiologists studying for the FRCR part one exam and for physicists and radiographers on specialized graduate courses in diagnostic radiology. It follows the guidelines issued by the European Association of Radiology for training. A comprehensive, compact primer, its analytical approach deals in a logical order with the wide range of imaging techniques available and explains how to use imaging equipment. It includes the background physics necessary to understand the production of digitized images, nuclear medicine, and magnetic resonance imaging.

Table of Contents

Fundamentals of radiation physics and radioactivity
Production of x-rays
Interaction of x-rays and gamma rays with matter
The image receptor
The radiological image
Radiation measurement and doses to patients
Diagnostic imaging with radioactive materials
Assessment and enhancement of image quality
Special radiographic techniques
Tomographic imaging
Radiolgiology and radiation risks
Practical radiation protection and legislation
Magnetic resonance imaging
Multiple choice questions

Editorial Reviews

"One of the most useful features is the amount of review material. A series of discussion questions are given at the end of each chapter and six to fourteen multiple-choice questions per chapter are listed in an appendix, with an answer key for all questions and explanatory footnotes for some … On the whole, I found the material to be authoritative, comprehensive, and accurate."
-Doody Online Reviews

"The book is well written and I recommend it not only to radiologists in training, but also to experienced radiologists and to x-ray technicians who would like to update their knowledge in the physics of diagnostic radiology."
-Lars Jangland