Rock Mechanics

Rock Mechanics: An Introduction

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  • Covers the basics of rock mechanics, including background information on engineering geology
  • Uses a practical approach with worked examples and references to software
  • Includes end-of-chapter summaries and review exercises
  • Provides clear coverage of complex concepts including stereographic projections
  • Written by an experienced team comprised of successful teachers and book writers


Rock mechanics is a multidisciplinary subject combining geology, geophysics, and engineering and applying the principles of mechanics to study the engineering behavior of the rock mass. With wide application, a solid grasp of this topic is invaluable to anyone studying or working in civil, mining, petroleum, and geological engineering. Rock Mechanics: An Introduction presents the fundamental principles of rock mechanics in a clear, easy-to-comprehend manner for readers with little or no background in this field.

The text includes a brief introduction to geology and covers stereographic projections, laboratory testing, strength and deformation of rock masses, slope stability, foundations, and more. The authors—academics who have written several books in geotechnical engineering—have used their extensive teaching experience to create this accessible textbook. They present complex material in a lucid and simple way with numerical examples to illustrate the concepts, providing an introductory book that can be used as a textbook in civil and geological engineering programs and as a general reference book for professional engineers.

Table of Contents

Fundamentals of engineering geology
Structure and composition of the Earth
Minerals and mineralogical analysis
Rock formations and types
Geological structures and discontinuities
Weathering of rocks and soil formation
Site investigation

Spherical presentation of geological data
Orientations of planes and lines
Coordinate system with longitudes and latitudes
Intersection of a plane and a sphere
Spherical projections
Slope failure mechanisms and kinematic analysis

Rock properties and laboratory testing
Engineering properties of intact rock
Uniaxial compressive strength test
Indirect tensile strength test
Point load strength test
Slake durability test
Schmidt hammer test
Triaxial test
Empirical correlations

Rock mass classification
Intact rock and rock mass
Factors affecting discontinuities
Rock mass classification
Rock mass rating
Tunnelling quality index: Q-system
Geological strength index

Strength and deformation characteristics of rocks
In situ stresses and strength
Stress–strain relations
Mohr–Coulomb failure criterion
Hoek–Brown failure criterion
Mohr–Coulomb cand f ′ for rock mass from the Hoek–Brown parameters
Deformation modulus
Strength of rock mass with a single plane of weakness

Rock slope stability
Modes of rock slope failure
Slope stability analysis
Slope stabilisation

Foundations on rock
Shallow foundations
Deep foundations
Foundation construction and treatment

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Editorial Reviews

"These topics give an excellent introduction to the subject. ... very easy to follow ... A must for all those dealing with civil engineering."
—Prof. D.N. Singh, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India

"The book has better coverage of topics relevant to rock engineering, good practical examples, [and it is] written by experts in the area."
—Professor G L Sivakumar Babu, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

"I think the topics are very relevant for undergraduates … . The topics cover basic rock mechanics and deal with subjects most important to practicing engineers. The content provides a good introduction to anyone who is planning to enter the profession. … It is an excellent book, very useful for engineering undergraduates and graduates. The book is well written and easy to understand, and I am sure it would be a very popular textbook."
—Jay Ameratunga, Senior Principal, Coffey Geotechnics Pty Ltd, Newstead, Queensland, Australia