Pests and Pathogens: Management Strategies

Pests and Pathogens: Management Strategies

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The need and demand to feed the ever-increasing global population, pose major challenges for increasing crop productivity in eco-friendly manner. Cultivation of crops under input-intensive conditions resulted in enhanced vulnerability of the high-yielding cultivars to a multitude of pests and pathogens at all phenological stages. Disease spectrum and intensity are continuously changing because of the dynamic nature of crop systems, pests and pathogens. Thus, disease management has become the major functional component of the crop production systems.

Topics Covered

  • Insect Pests / Pathogens of Rice, Sorghum, Chickpea and Castor and their Management;
  • Molecular Marker-assisted Breeding and Transgenic Crops for Disease Management;
  • Management of Forest Insect Pests;
  • Effect of Climate Change on Insects, Pathogens, Plants and Pesticide usage;
  • Botanicals & Microbial Pesticides and Insect Resistance;
  • Integrated Pest Management and Bioinformatics' Solutions.

Table of Contents

1. Insect Pests of Rice in India and their Management  2. Rice Diseases of Importance and the Management Options in India  3. Biotechnological Approaches for Management of Grain Mold Disease of Sorghum  4. Major Biotic Stresses of Chickpea and Strategies for their Control  5. Potential of Transgenic Grain Legumes for Pest Management and Sustainable Crop Production  6. Integrated Pest Management in Grain Legume Crops in India  7. Insect Pests of Castor (Ricinus communis L) and their Management Strategies  8. Biology and Management of Forest Insect Pests  9. Botanical Pesticides for Management of Insect Pests in Field and Stored Rice  10. Botanicals for the Management of Phytonematodes  11. Microbial Chitinases as Potential Biopesticides  12. Insect Resistance to Pyrethroid with Special Reference to the Cotton Bollworm  13. Effect of Climate Change on Insects, Pathogens, Plants and Pesticide Usage  14. Molecular Marker-assisted Breeding for Improving Disease Resistance in Crop Plants  15. Antimicrobial Peptides and Production of Disease Resistant Transgenic Plants  16. Plant Lectins and their Utilization for Development of Insect Resistant Transgenic Crop Plants  17. Insect-Resistant Transgenic Crops  18. Bioinformatics with Solutions in Pest Management Science: An Insight into the Evolving Technologies  19. Concepts and Components of Integrated Pest Management

Editor Bio(s)

Dr. Dashavantha Reddy Vudem is working as Professor at the Centre for Plant Molecular Biology, Osmania University. His research interests include molecular biology of biotic and abiotic stress tolerance in crop plants. Recognized as an excellent scientist and teacher, he is a fellow of the National Academy of Sciences, India and received the Visiting ScientistAward of the Rockefeller Foundation, NewYork, USA.

Dr. Nagaraja Rao Poduri is Professor, Department of Zoology, Osmania University. For many years he has done pioneering research with emphasis on insect ecology, physiology, molecular biology; applied entomology and bioinformatics. He is the recipient of several fellowships for his achievements.

Dr. Venkateswara Rao Khareedu is a Professor at the Centre for Plant Molecular Biology, Osmania University, having many years of teaching and research experience in functional genomics, genetic engineering of crop plants for abiotic and biotic stress tolerance, he has been elected fellow of the National Academy of Sciences, India. He received the Visiting Scientist and Biotechnology Career fellowships of the Rockefeller Foundation, NewYork, USA.

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