Managing IT in Construction/Managing Construction for Tomorrow

Managing IT in Construction/Managing Construction for Tomorrow

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  1. Presents in one volume essential knowledge on IT in Construction
  2. Accessible to students and professional engineers, but useful also for academics


Managing IT in Construction/Managing Construction for Tomorrow presents new developments in:

- Managing IT strategies

- Model based management tools including building information modeling

- Information and knowledge management

- Communication and collaboration

- Data acquisition and storage

- Visualization and simulation

- Architectural design and sustainability

- Innovative approaches and best practices in international construction

- Health and safety

- Sustainability and competitiveness

The book will appeal to academics, researchers, developers and end-users involved in construction management and IT in construction.

Table of Contents

Model based management tools
A Unified Construction Project Management Arena  
D. Ye & T. Froese

Analyzing capacity of BIM tools to support data use across project lifecycle  
J. Lucas, W. Thabet & D. Bowman

A product/process model-based system to produce work instructions  
C. Mourgues & M. Fischer

An integrated 3D simulation framework for earthwork processes  
Y. Ji, A. Borrmann, E. Rank, J. Wimmer & W.A. Günthner

Technical challenges for Integrated Design and Delivery Solutions  
R.W. Amor

A declarative approach to cross-domain model analysis  
U. Hartmann & P. von Both

Lightweight capture of as-built construction information   
E.W. East, N. Nisbet & J. Wix

Teaching integrated scope-cost methods with model-based tools  
F. Peterson, M. Fischer, T. Wingate, O. Seppänen, T. Tutti & R. See

IFC support for model-based scheduling   
M. Weise, T. Liebich, J. Tulke & P. Bonsma

Extended model-based master scheduling for building projects using advanced line of balance  
C.E. Firat, D. Arditi, J.P. Hämäläinen & J. Kiiras

A pattern-based approach for facilitating schedule generation and cost analysis in bridge construction projects  
I.C. Wu, A. Borrmann, E. Rank, U. Beißert & M. König
Dynamic system architecture for energy efficient building operation: A case study of Kiptaş residential building  1
H.U. Gökçe, K.U. Gökçe, D. Browne & K. Menzel
Communication and collaboration

Engineering communication - current view on past and future  
R. Klinc, M. Dolenc & Ž. Turk

The future scenario of creating a digital SME community in the Irish construction industry  
A.V. Hore, R.P. West & A. Redmond

Designing IT services for the construction industry: Lessons learnt for selection of validation techniques  
A. Guerriero, L. Johannsen & S. Kubicki

Semantic tags for collaboration in construction formalized within a social network framework   
I.A. Mutis

Data acquisition and storage

A comparative study on the use of laser scanners for construction quality control and progress monitoring purposes  
G. Atasoy, P. Tang & B. Akinci

Improving highway asset management with RFID technology  
J.M. de la Garza, N.J. Yates & C.A. Arrington

Assessing the need for storing data on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags 
E. Ergen & G. Guven

Leveraging materials tracking technologies to improve industrial project performance  
D. Grau, C.H. Caldas, C.T. Haas, P.M. Goodrum & J. Gong

Information and knowledge management

Ontology-based dynamic process support on the example of defect management  
P. Katranuschkov, K. Rybenko & R.J. Scherer

A web-based system for quality inspection and defect management of industrial building construction   
N. Forcada, E. Margalida, A. Fuertes, M. Casals, M. Gangolells, X. Roca & M. Macarulla

Analysing building performance data for energy-efficient building operation  
A. Ahmed, J. Ploennigs, Y. Gao & K. Menzel

Building product catalogues on the Semantic Web  
J. Beetz & B. de Vries

Specifications for a social and technical environment for improving design process communication  
R.R. Senescu & J.R. Haymaker

Assessing organizational semiotics for IT systems design: Improving information exchange processes across construction project stakeholders  
W.H. Collinge, C.F. Harty, K. Liu & Y. Tang

BPM-driven construction client requirements change management  
A.K. Jallow, P. Demian, A.N. Baldwin & C.J. Anumba

Foundation for development of computable rules
E. Hjelseth
Creating new ways of learning in architecture and building: MACE project  
A. Fuertes, M. Casals, N. Forcada, M. Gangolells & X. Roca

Interoperability challenges of an engineering software provider  
T. Rácz & T. Olofsson

A data-warehouse architecture supporting energy management of buildings  
H.U. Gökçe, Y. Wang, K.U. Gökçe & K. Menzel

Characterizing the non-value-added relocation of non-bulk components on storage yards
D. Grau

Classification of building element functions  
K.A. Jørgensen

Factors affecting the learning process of professionals in architectural design firms  
G.B. Ozturk-Barlak, D. Arditi, H.M. Gunaydin, S. Kale & I. Yitmen

Developing a forecasting model for the prediction of inflation rates for use in life cycle cost analysis  
T. Çelik, Y. Baalousha & F. Ibisevic

Identification of reusable information in construction firms  
Z.L. Ma & N. Lu

Architectural design

User driven innovative building design   
P. Christiansson, K.B. Sørensen, K.G. Steffensen & K. Svidt

Configuration with architectural objects in industrialised house-building  
F. Wikberg, A. Ekholm & P. Jensen

A pattern based 3D modeling tool   
D. Chitchian & S.I. Sariyildiz

Redefinition of geometrical components to specify kinematically undetermined behaviour
H. Hofmeyer & F. Gelbal

Managing IT strategies

Business-driven IT strategy in multi-business and multi-national companies  
R. Myllymäki

The drivers and barriers for the development and applications of project collaboration systems in the Chinese construction industry  
Z. Ren, T.M. Hassan & F. Yang

Influences on the adoption of BPM/BIM: An Australian perspective  
G. Brewer, T. Gajendran & C. Beard

Progression in IT adoption and stage of IT maturity in the construction sector of Singapore  
B.H. Goh

Cultural analysis for ICT integration: Case study analysis of a construction project  
T. Gajendran & G. Brewer

A theoretical and practical assessment of open source development and dissemination of construction IT solutions  
T. Hartmann & N. Hartmann
Factors supporting information and communication technologies on construction projects  
D. Zuppa & R.R.A. Issa

A case study on the strategic impact of information technology in the Turkish construction industry  
P. Irlayici & E. Tas

Exploring context-awareness in the construction logistics services delivery   
B. Omar, S. Abu Hassan & T. Ballal

A review of the artificial intelligence applications in construction dispute resolution  
D. Ilter & A. Dikbas

Business benefits framework of enterprise systems in construction: An exploratory factor analysis  
O. Tatari & M.J. Skibniewski

The impact of information technology in facilitating communication and collaboration in Libyan public organisations - a literature review
S.A. Bezweek & C.O. Egbu

Building information modeling

Automated construction schedule creation using project information model
A. Mrkela & D. Rebolj

Check-mate: Automatic constraint checking of IFC models  
R.A. Niemeijer, B. de Vries & J. Beetz

Developing a multidisciplinary process view on IFC standardization  
M. Laakso

An assessment of building information modeling value and use  
B. Becerik-Gerber & S. Rice

Modelling of buildings and projects with utility assessment  
Č. Jarský

Maintenance scheduling based on the analysis of building performance data  
H.U. Gökçe, P. Stack, K.U. Gökçe & K. Menzel

Software architecture for mobile mixed reality and 4D BIM interaction  
M. Hakkarainen, C. Woodward & K. Rainio

Visualization and simulation

ForBAU—The virtual construction site project  
A. Borrmann, Y. Ji, I.-C. Wu, M. Obergrießer, E. Rank, C. Klaubert & W. Günthner

Considering quality aspects for construction scheduling using constraint-based simulation  
U. Beißert, M. König & H.-J. Bargstädt

Using discrete-event simulation for process modeling: Case of work structuring of asphalt highway construction operations  
G. Polat & Y. Buyuksaracoglu

Development of hybrid simulation and genetic algorithms system for solving complex crew allocation problems  
A. Al-Bazi, N. Dawood & Z. Khan
Utilizing 4D technology in supply chain management  
J. Porkka, J. Kojima, K. Rainio & K. Kähkönen

Drawing architecture using manga techniques  
Y. Qu & M.A. Schnabel

An innovative approach for generation of Virtual Construction Model and a time location plan for road construction projects
R.K. Shah, N. Dawood & J. Dean

Agent-based modeling of user movements: A case study in a museum building  
G. Çağdaş


Implementation of semi-automated energy performance simulation: Building geometry  
V. Bazjanac

Enabling sustainability through SOA within the AEC/FM domain  
A. Dikbas, P. Ercoskun & K. Ercoskun

A concept for IT-supported carbon neutral renovation  
H. Yin, M. Otreba, L. Allan & K. Menzel

ICT for energy efficiency: The case for smart buildings
J. Ye, T.M. Hassan, C.D. Carter & A. Zarli

MC4T Managing Construction for Tomorrow

Construction industry competitiveness

Evaluation of Turkish construction market by analyzing international contracting services  
E. Tas & P. Irlayici

Improving quality to ensure competitiveness by a change management system  
G.O. Alptekin

A conceptual model to determine the role of suppliers in generalizing innovations in the construction industry  
Y. Erbil & N. Akincitürk

Innovative approaches to construction

Causes of materials waste in the Palestinian construction industry  
A. Enshassil, S. El-Moghany, P.E. Mayer & J. Zimmermann

The contemporary methods of Waqf land development in Malaysia  
S. Mokhtar & M. Ibrahim

Predicting the significance of environmental issues in construction operations  
G. Polat & Y. Tatar

Public procurement of architectural and engineering services: Fee and quality  
J. Sporrong, J. Bröchner & A. Kadefors

BIM implementation for an architectural practice
Y. Arayici, P. Coates, L. Koskela, M. Kagioglou, C. Usher & K. O’Reilly
Vocational language needs of European construction companies  
E. Oral, P.M. Rogerson-Revell, J.P. Pantouvakis, M. Bechter, M. Oral, A. Kiliç, G. Mistikoglu, E. Erdiş, O. Mistikoglu, S. Huskinson, V. Archou & A. Panas

A review of utilization of soft computing methods in construction management  
S.U. Dikmen, O. Ates, R. Akbiyikli & M. Sonmez

A model of leadership in architectural offices for tomorrow  
E. Kasapoğlu

Integrated learning in a Virtual Construction Management Services Company (VCMSC)  
W. Alsakini, J. Kiiras & P. Huovinen

A framework for analyzing the impact of operational coefficients on excavation productivity  
A. Panas & J.P. Pantouvakis

Innovation value chain in construction  
B. Ozorhon, C. Abbott & G. Aouad

Exploring the issues for future of construction IT  
B. Erdogan, C. Abbott & G. Aouad

Best practices in international construction

Implications of culture in dispute resolution in international construction joint ventures  
P. Ates & H. Giritli

Construction and development: Analyzing the construction sector in Turkey and EU countries  
B. Ilhan & H. Yaman

Recent trends in tall building design  
A. Sev & A. Özgen

An effective site organization structure for fast-track construction projects  
S.U. Dikmen & R. Akbiyikli

Convergence of construction costs in the single European market  
C. Langston & R. Best

Factors influencing rent arrears in public housing in Malaysia: A proposed research framework and methodology  
N.A. Salleh, N. Yusof & A.G. Salleh

Better informed decisions through evidence-based design  
R. Codinhoto, S. Wu & M. Kagioglou

Health and safety

The dynamic model of the cyclical style of safety management
T. Chinda

An investigation of Turkish construction workers’ knowledge on health and safety practices  
G. Arslan & S. Kivrak

Construction accident in relation to safety factor in design - A proposed model  
A. Che Ahmad, I. Bahari, M.F. Mohd Zain, A. Jaafar & O. Mat Piah

Organisational structure of health and safety management system: A case study in Turkey  
R. Akbiyikli, S.U. Dikmen, D. Eaton & S. Korkmaz
Sustainable construction

Comparative review of widely used building environmental assessment tools and suggestions for developing countries  
A. Sev

Creating a digital SME community in the Irish construction industry  
A.V. Hore, R.P. West & A. Redmond

Conflicting sustainable development drivers and client interventions: A case study of the elevate SME supply chain  
W. Swan, R. Stewart & N. Naimuddin

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