Dermatoscopy in Clinical Practice: Beyond Pigmented Lesions

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  • Advances knowledge of additional uses of video dermatoscopy beyond the usual indication for pigmented lesions of the skin
  • Discusses therapy for scabies and pediculosis
  • Examines therapeutic monitoring of parasitoses with video dermatoscopy
  • Includes chapters on psoriatic balanitis, scalp psoriasis, and clear cell acanthoma
  • Contains nearly 300 illustrations


Dermoscopy has increasingly been taken up in general dermatology practice in the USA as a non-invasive technique for the differential diagnosis of pigmented skin lesions. Videodermatoscopy – dermoscopy using a digital system - allows a higher-magnified observation of the skin surface and has also been used for other investigations, such as monitoring the progress of therapy for dermatologic conditions, with some success. This book aims to advance knowledge of these additional uses of videodermatoscopy beyond the usual indication for pigmented lesions of the skin.

Table of Contents

Introduction, Giuseppe Micali and Francesco Lacarrubba

Pietro Rubegni, Marco Burroni, Niccolò Nami, and Michele Fimiani

Scabies and pediculosis: Biologic cycle and diagnosis, Ani L Tajirian and Robert A Schwartz
Videodermatoscopy and scabies, Francesco Lacarrubba, Nella Pulvirenti, and Giuseppe Micali
Videodermatoscopy and pediculosis, Giuseppe Micali, Marianna Umana, and Francesco Lacarrubba
Therapy of scabies and pediculosis: Potential and pitfalls, Lee E West, Beatrice Nardone, and Dennis P West
Therapeutic monitoring of parasitoses with videodermatoscopy, Giuseppe Micali, Aurora Tedeschi, and Francesco Lacarrubba
Tungiasis, Elvira Moscarella, Renato Bakos, and Giuseppe Argenziano

Hair loss,
Antonella Tosti and Bruna Duque Estrada

Nail diseases,
Antonella Tosti, Bianca Maria Piraccini, and Débora Cadore de Farias

Diseases characterized by altered vascular pattern
A Vascular pattern under videodermatoscopy observation, Giorgio Filosa, Rossella De Angelis, and Leonardo Bugatti
B Histopathological correlations, †Daniele Innocenzi, Maria Concetta Potenza, and Ilaria Proietti
C Palmoplantar psoriasis, Francesco Lacarrubba, Maria Letizia Musumeci, and Giuseppe Micali
D Psoriatic balanitis, Giuseppe Micali, Maria Rita Nasca, and Francesco Lacarrubba
E Scalp psoriasis, Paolo Rosina
Clear cell acanthoma, Francesco Lacarrubba, Orazia D’Agata, Federica Dall’Oglio, and Giuseppe Micali
HPV infections, Pompeo Donofrio and Maria Grazia Francia
Venular malformations (port wine stain type), Francisco Vázquez-López
Bowen’s disease, Leonardo Bugatti, Giorgio Filosa, and Alessandra Filosa
Pyogenic granuloma, Pedro Zaballos Diego

Lichen Ruber Planus, Francisco Vázquez-López
Urticaria and urticarial vasculitis, Francisco Vázquez-López
Disorders of Collagen Tissues, Paolo Rosina
Rosacea, Paolo Rosina
Molluscum Contagiosum, Pedro Zaballos Diego
Sebaceous Hyperplasia, Pedro Zaballos Diego
Pigmented Purpuric Dermatoses, Pedro Zaballos Diego
Actinic Porokeratosis, Pedro Zaballos Diego
Xanthomatous Lesions, Filomena Mandato, Maurizio Biagioli, and Pietro Rubegni

Dermatoscopy in Cosmetic Applications, Warren Wallo
Index 127

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