Applied Groundwater Studies in Africa: IAH Selected Papers on Hydrogeology, volume 13

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Groundwater is Africa’s most precious natural resource, providing reliable water supplies for many people.  Further development of groundwater resources is fundamental to increasing access to safe water across the continent to meet coverage targets and reduce poverty. There is also an increasing interest in the use of groundwater for irrigated agriculture as the climate becomes more variable.  Sustainable development of the resource is not a trivial task and depends crucially on an understanding of the hydrogeology and people with the skills to make informed decisions on how groundwater can best be developed and managed in a sustainable fashion. Despite these obvious needs, however, little attention has been paid to the systematic gathering of information about groundwater resources in the past few decades, with the result that data are patchy, knowledge is limited and investment is poorly targeted. 
This book was written to start to bridge the knowledge gap. The 29 chapters are written by a combination of practitioners and researchers mainly from within Africa using experience from recent and ongoing projects.  The chapters highlight the complexity and variety of issues surrounding the development and management of groundwater resources across Africa, and provide a snapshot of groundwater research and application in the early 21st century.  Chapters range from strategic discussions of the role of groundwater in development and poverty reduction, to case studies on techniques used to develop groundwater, and modelling methods for managing groundwater systems. 

Table of Contents

Groundwater Research Issues in Africa, S.M.A. Adelana and A.M. MacDonald

Groundwater in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Strategic Overview of Developmental Issues, S.S.D. Foster, A. Tuinhof, and H. Garduño

Groundwater Development and Management in Africa

Groundwater Development for Poverty Alleviation in Sub-Saharan Africa, R.C. Carter & J.E. Bevan

A GIS-Based Flow Model for Groundwater Resources Management in the Development Areas in the Eastern Sahara, Africa, W. Gossel, A.M. Sefelnasr, P.Wycisk, and A.M. Ebraheem

Water Resources Management in the Lake Chad Basin: Diagnosis and Action Plan, B. Ngounou Ngatcha, J. Mudry, and C. Leduc

The Benefits of a Scientific Approach to Sustainable Development of Groundwater in Sub-Saharan Africa, J.E. Cobbing and J. Davies

Sustainable Groundwater Development in Nigeria, A. Onugba and O.O. Yaya

A Remedial Approach for Soil and Groundwater Impacted by Crude Oil in the Niger Delta, G.A. Bolaji

Groundwater and Rural Water Supply

African Hydrogeology and Rural Water Supply, A.M. MacDonald, J. Davies, and R.C. Calow

Groundwater as a Vital Resource for Rural Development: An Example from Ghana, P. Gyau-Boakye, K. Kankam-Yeboah, P.K. Darko, S. Dapaah-Siakwan, and A.A. Duah

An Overview of the Geology and Hydrogeology of Nigeria, S.M.A. Adelana, P.I. Olasehinde, R.B. Bale, P. Vrbka, A.E. Edet, and I.B. Goni

The Occurrence of Groundwater in Northeastern Ghana, W.A. Agyekum and S. Dapaah-Siakwan

Application of Remote-Sensing and Surface Geophysics for Groundwater Prospecting in a Hard Rock Terrain, Morocco,  S. Boutaleb, M. Boualoul, L. Bouchaou, and M. Oudra

Urban Groundwater

Urban Groundwater Management and Protection in Sub-Saharan Africa, S.M.A. Adelana, T.A. Abiye, D.C.W. Nkhuwa, C. Tindimugaya, and M.S. Oga

Urban Groundwater and Pollution in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, T.A. Abiye

Groundwater Mining: A Reality for the Lusaka Urban Aquifers? N.H. Mpamba, D.C.W. Nkhuwa, I.A. Nyambe, C. Mdala, and S.Wohnlich

Impact of the Casablanca Municipal Landfill on Groundwater Resources (Morocco), A. Fekri, A. Benbouziane, C. Marrakchi, and M.Wahbi

Groundwater Chemistry and Recharge

Groundwater in Africa – Palaeowater, Climate Change and Modern Recharge, W.M. Edmunds

Estimating Groundwater Recharge in the Southwestern Sector of the Chad Basin Using Chloride Data, I.B. Goni

Groundwater in North and Central Sudan, P. Vrbka, R. Bussert, and O.A.E. Abdalla

Hydrochemical and Stable Isotopes Compositions of Saline Groundwaters in the Benue Trough, Nigeria, M.N. Tijani

Hydrochemical and Isotopic Characteristics of Coastal Groundwater Near Abidjan (southern Ivory Coast), M.S. Oga, C. Marlin, L. Dever, A. Filly, and R. Njitchoua

Hydrogeochemistry of a Fractured Aquifer in the Ogoja/Obudu Area of SE Nigeria, A. Edet and B. Ekpo

Salinity Problems in Coastal Aquifers: Case Study from Port Harcourt City, Southern Nigeria, A.E. Ofoma, O.S. Onwuka, and S.A. Ngah

Modelling Approaches to Groundwater Issues

Groundwater Flow and Transport Modeling in Semi-Arid Africa: Salt Accumulation in River-Fed Aquifers, P. Bauer-Gottwein, S. Zimmermann, and W. Kinzelbach

Three-Dimensional Modelling of a Coastal Sedimentary Basin of Southern Benin (West Africa), M. Boukari, P. Viaene, and F. Azonsi

Groundwater Modelling and Implication for Groundwater Protection: Case Study of the Abidjan Aquifer, Côte d’Ivoire, K.J. Kouame, J.P. Jourda, J. Biemi, and Y. Leblanc

Geostatistical Assessment of the Transmissivity of Crystalline Fissured Aquifer in the Bondoukou Region, North-Eastern Cote d’Ivoire, T. Lasm, M. Razack, and M. Youan Ta

Technical Note: Hydrogeological Mapping in Africa, W. Struckmeier

Editor Bio(s)

Segun Adelana is the Vice-President of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (Sub-Saharan Africa). He has 17 years teaching experience; and in the last ten years his research interest in the university has been in isotope geochemistry and groundwater pollution. He has contributed chapters to several books of John Wiley & Sons, Taylor & Francis and A.A. Balkema; the most recent is Groundwater Pollution in Africa (2006, Taylor & Francis Publishers).

Alan MacDonald is a principal hydrogeologist with the British Geological Survey (BGS), and has worked for them for 15 years. He is the author of the book "Developing Groundwater - a guide for rural water supply. He is chair of the International Association of Hydrogeologists Network for Developing Countries

Tamiru Alemayehu is a Professor of Hydrogeology at the Department of Earth Sciences of Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia who has been involved with teaching basic and advanced Hydrogeology courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students since 1990.

Callist Tindimugaya served as senior hydrogeologist with the Uganda Ministry of Water and Environment for many years and is currently the Assistant Commissioner, Water Resources Regulation under the Water Resources Management Department.