Advanced Characterisation of Pavement and Soil Engineering Materials, 2 Volume Set: Proceedings of the International Conference on Advanced Characterisation of Pavement and Soil Engineering, 20-22 June 2007, Athens, Greece

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Internationally, much attention is given to mechanistic pavement analysis, design and rehabilitation, their geotechnical aspects and the experimental determination of the necessary material model parameters. This conference on the Advanced Characterisation of Pavement and Soil Engineering (Athens, Greece, 20-22 June 2007) provided a forum for discussion of recent developments and research results.  Topics included:
- Constitutive Modeling
- Experimental Laboratory Material Characterization
- Finite Element Simulation
- Subgrade Testing, Evaluation and Modeling
- Open Graded HMA and Moisture Damage
- Field Measurements and In Situ Characterization
- Nondestructive Measurement Techniques and Analysis Tools
- Accelerated Testing
- Hot-Mix Asphalt design
- Pavement Management and Design
- Measurement and Modeling of Pavement Cracking
- Permanent Deformation
- Pavement Interface Characteristics
- Innovative Pavement Materials and Interface Systems
- Surface Characterization & Tire-Surface Interaction
- Concrete Pavements
- Chemo-Physical Processes
- Environmental Issues Related to Pavements
- Case Studies
- Rail-track Assessment and Rehabilitation
- Railroad Ballast Characterization
Advanced Characterisation of Pavement and Soil Engineering is particularly of interest to academics, researchers and practitioners involved in computational simulation, experimental characterization and field testing for prediction of short and long term performance of various types of pavement.

Table of Contents




1. Constitutive modeling

2. Experimental laboratory material characterisation

3. Finite element simulation

4. Subgrade testing, evaluation and modeling

5. Open graded HMA and asphalt moisture damage

6. Field measurement and in-situ characterisation

7. Nondestructive measurement techniques and analysis tools

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8. Accelerated testing

9. Hot-mix asphalt design

10. Pavement management and design

11. Measurement and modeling of pavement cracking

12. Permanent deformation

13. Pavement interface characteristics

14. Innovative pavement materials and interface systems

15. Surface characterisation and tire-surface interaction

16. Concrete pavements

17. Chemo-physical processes

18. Environmental issues related to pavements

19. Case studies

20. Rail-track assessment and rehabilitation

21. Railroad ballast characterisation

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