ESMO Handbook on Principles of Translational Research

ESMO Handbook on Principles of Translational Research

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  • Endorsed by ESMO
  • Includes color illustrations
  • Compiled by international experts
  • Summary

    Using state-of-the-art and evidence-based literature references and reviews, the authors present an overview of translational research that is both reliable and easily understood. The book begins with principles of normal cell biology and normal immunology. It examines tumor biology and basic tumor immunology. It then discusses limitless replicative potential, self-sufficiency in growth signals, insensitivity to anti-growth signals, and evading apoptosis. The book concludes with a chapter on angiogenesis, tissue invasion and metastasis, treatment, and evaluation of treatment.

    Table of Contents

    Principles of Normal Cell Biology. Principles of Normal Immunology. Principles of Tumor Biology. Basic Tumor Immunology. Limitless Replicative Potential. Self-Sufficiency in Growth Signals. Insensitivity to Anti-Growth Signals. Evading Apoptosis. Angiogenesis. Tissue Invasion and Metastasis. Treatment. Treatment Evaluation

    Editorial Reviews

    "This book is featured in 18 short, and at the same time exhaustive, chapters whose aim, true to Jose Baselga's foreword, is to facilitate the understanding of the key areas of translational research. […] I am deeply convinced this handbook provides a rewarding and enjoyable reading, embodying a common, useful tool of discussion between the research and the clinical word." Marco A. Pierotti, ESMO NewsletterOctober-December 2007

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