Dictionary of Organometallic Compounds

Dictionary of Organometallic Compounds

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  • Accurate computer-generated indices enable quick access to the data
  • Indexed by molecular formula, CAS Registry number and synthetic reagent type
  • Summary

    Containing chemical, physical and structural data on 45,000 organometallics, this new edition of Dictionary of Organometallic Compounds is completely reviews and expanded.
    All compounds from the first edition have been reviewed, new references from the recent chemical literature have been added. Interesting new compounds, which have appeared in the literature from 1985 to 1993, have also been incorporated.
    A unique new feature is the Index of Synthetic Reagents, which groups compounds according to their use in synthetic organic chemistry.
    Compounds included:
    - organometallics representing all important structural types
    - compounds with an established use, such as orignard reagents, catalysts, starting materials, laboratory chemicals
    Type of information included:
    - accurate systematic chemical names, tradenames, trivial names
    - CAS Registry numbers
    - molecular formulae and weights
    - details on synthesis/preparation
    - uses in synthetic organic chemistry
    - physical data including melting/boiling points, solubility, magnetic susceptibility
    - concise bibliography

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