Pulmonary Rehabilitation

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Places pulmonary rehabilitation within the wider framework of respiratory disease, and the health burden that this now poses world-wide

Puts the basic science that underpins the rationale of pulmonary rehabilitation therapies in context for the health care professional

Discusses in detail the assessment of the patient with chronic lung disease for a pulmonary rehabilitation program

Provides helpful advice on setting up and running a pulmonary rehabilitation service, including the ethical and legal issues involved

Examines pulmonary rehabilitation in a wide range of settings, from the intensive care unit through post-intensive/high dependency care to the outpatient clinic and the home

Evidence-based and international in approach

Well designed text incorporating chapter summaries, boxes, illustrations and tables for improved accessibility


Pulmonary rehabilitation programmes are now a fundamental part of the clinical management of patients with chronic respiratory diseases. This comprehensive reference book places pulmonary rehabilitation within the wider framework of respiratory disease, and the health burden that this now poses worldwide.

Part one of the book examines the evidence supporting the use of pulmonary rehabilitation programmes, new trends and socio-economic implications, and the scientific bases of techniques used. In part two, the reader is given important guidance on assessing patients for rehabilitation and what the cost implications are for patients and the health care system. The last part of the book provides a general overview and discusses specific problems of delivering pulmonary rehabilitation. Throughout the book, contributions drawn from a broad range of countries compare and contrast practice around the world where differences have developed, and discuss the clinical evidence that supports current thinking.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Definition and rationale for pulmonary rehabilitation
Chapter 2. International trends in the epidemiology of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Chapter 3. Pathophysiological basis of pulmonary rehabilitation in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Chapter 4. The influence of tobacco smoking on lung disease
Chapter 5. Genetics of airflow limitation
Chapter 6. Using the rehabilitation literature to guide patient care: a critical appraisal of trial evidence
Chapter 7. Lung function and respiratory mechanics assessment
Chapter 8. Respiratory muscle assessment in pulmonary rehabilitation
Chapter 9. Role of peripheral muscle function in rehabilitation
Chapter 10. Assessment of respiratory function during sleep in chronic lung disease
Chapter 11. Cardiopulmonary interaction during sleep
Chapter 12. Pathophysiology of exercise and exercise assessment
Chapter 13. Physiological basis of dyspnoea
Chapter 14. Measurement of dyspnoea
Chapter 15. Impact of quality of life issues in chronic lung disease
Chapter 16. Evaluation of impairment and disability and outcome measures for pulmonary rehabilitation
Chapter 17. The economics of rehabilitation and self-management education for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Chapter 18. Establishing a pulmonary rehabilitation program
Chapter 19. Respiratory physiotherapy
Chapter 20. Exercise in stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Chapter 21. The role of collaborative self-management education in pulmonary rehabilitation
Chapter 22. Treatment of tobacco dependence
Chapter 23. Nutrition and metabolic therapy
Chapter 24. Pharmacological management in chronic respiratory diseases
Chapter 25. Rehabilitation in asthma
Chapter 26. Guidelines for rehabilitation in the management of COPD
Chapter 27. Rehabilitation in thoracic wall deformities
Chapter 28. Physical medicine interventions and rehabilitation of patients with neuromuscular disease
Chapter 29. Rehabilitation of cystic fibrosis
Chapter 30. Rehabilitation and lung volume reduction surgery
Chapter 31. Pulmonary rehabilitation and transplantation
Chapter 32. Long-term oxygen therapy
Chapter 33. Pulmonary rehabilitation in the intensive care unit and transition from ICU to home
Chapter 34. Chronic ventilatory assistance in the hospital
Chapter 35. Ventilatory assistance at home
Chapter 36. The challenge of self-management
Chapter 37. Exacerbations in chronic lung disease and rehabilitation
Chapter 38. Compliance after chronic obstructive pulmonary disease rehabilitation
Chapter 39. Ethical/regulatory issues concerning long-term mechanical ventilation
Chapter 40. End-of-life issues

Author Bio(s)

Claudio F. Donner, Professor, Division of Pulmonary Disease, Fondazione Salvatore Maugeri, IRCCS, Scientific Institute of Veruno, Italy

Nicolino Ambrosino, Head, Pulmonary Division, Cardio-Thoracic Department, University Hospital, Pisa, Italy

Roger Goldstein, MD, Professor of Medicine and Physical Therapy, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada; and National Sanitarium Association Chair of Respiratory Rehabilitation Research, Institute of Medical Sciences, West Park Hospital, Toronto, Canada