Editorial Contacts

Our editorial staff is fully equipped to handle a wide variety of inquiries.

Please contact an editor if you are interested in publishing a book with CRC Press, copublishing, sponsoring or contributing to a series or book, or have ideas for one. (links are to direct e-mail address).

Electronic Publishing

John Lavender/Senior Vice President Publishing

Disciplines: All CD-ROM & Web Projects
Tel: (561) 998-2579


Business & Management
Kristine Mednansky

Disciplines: Healthcare Administration, including Lean & Quality Management; Patient Safety; Financial Management; Strategy & Leadership; and Information Management
Tel: (630) 482-9886


Michael Sinocchi

Disciplines: Lean Manufacturing & Lean Service; Quality & Six Sigma; Product Development; and Supply Chain Management; Green Manufacturing & Sustainability; Lean & Quality Improvement
Tel: (212) 216-7867


Lara Zoble

Disciplines: Public Administration, Supply Chain Management
Tel: (212) 216-7863


Biological Science
Randy Brehm

Disciplines: Agricultural Sciences; Agronomy; Crop Science; Forestry; Horticulture; Soil Science; Wildlife Science; and Turfgrass Science
Tel: (561) 361-6088


John Sulzycki

Disciplines: Botany; Ecology; Zoology; Evolutionary Biology; Animal Science; Veterinary Science; Laboratory Animal Science; and Marine Science
Tel: (561) 998-2574


Cellular Science

Chuck Crumly

Disciplines: Cellular & Molecular Science
Tel: 510-710-2712


Fiona Macdonald/Publisher

Disciplines: Chemical Information; Handbook of Chemistry & Physics
Tel: (561) 998-2564


Barbara Glunn

Disciplines: Physical & Industrial Chemistry; Analytical Chemistry; and Colloid & Surface Chemistry
Tel: (207) 672-3857


Leong Li-Ming

Disciplines: Chemical and Biological Sciences (Asia)
Tel: +65-6741-5166 ext 115


Hilary Rowe

Disciplines: Environmental Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Sustainable Science & Drug Discovery
Tel: (858) 436-5501


Computer Science
Rick Adams

Disciplines: Computer Science, Gaming, and Graphics
Tel: (614) 771-2759


Randi Cohen

Disciplines: Computer Science
Tel: (757) 240-7501


Cindy Carelli

Disciplines: Manufacturing Engineering & Quality; Reliability Engineering; Industrial Engineering; Ergonomics & Human Factors; Operations Research; Industrial Hygiene; and Occupational Health & Safety
Tel: (352) 536-9510


Ashley Gasque

Discipline: Optical Engineering
Tel: (561) 998-2528


Nora Konopka/Publisher

Disciplines: Electrical Engineering; Computer Engineering; and Nanotechnology
Tel: (561) 998-2531


Jonathan Plant

Disciplines: Mechanical, Aerospace, and Energy Engineering
Tel: (781) 452-7098


Allison Shatkin

Disciplines: Chemical Engineering; Materials Science; Plastics & Polymer Engineering; Packaging Technology; Green Chemical Engineering & Processes
Tel: (561) 843-8407


Gagandeep Singh

Disciplines: Engineering
Tel: +91 11 431 555 180


Michael Slaughter

Disciplines: Biomedical Engineering & Biotechnology
Tel: (415) 897-1238


Leon Bijnsdorp

Disciplines: Conference Proceedings in Engineering; Earth Sciences, & Water Sciences
Tel: +31-71-524-3080


Janjaap Blom/Publisher

Disciplines: Geotechnical Engineering; Earth Sciences; Water Sciences; & Energy
Tel: +31-71-524-3080


Alistair Bright

Disciplines: Geotechnical Engineering; (Renewable) Energy
Tel: +31 71 524 3088


Germaine Seijger

Disciplines: Science & Engineering (Latin America)
Tel: +55-11-3017-6943


Irma Shagla

Disciplines: Environmental Engineering; Geosystems Engineering; Geomatic Engineering; GPS & GIS
Tel: (561) 361-6067


Joe Clements

Disciplines: Civil Engineering; Environmental Engineering; Water Engineering & Science
Tel: (561) 361-6016


Tony Moore

Disciplines: Civil Engineering; Environmental Engineering; Water Engineering & Science
Tel: +44 (20) 701 76672


Environmental Science
Germaine Seijger

Disciplines: Science & Engineering (Latin America)
Tel: +55-11-3017-6943


Irma Shagla

Disciplines: Environmental Sciences; Remote Sensing & GIS; Geosciences; Environmental Law & Policy; Natural Resources; Ecology
Tel: (561) 361-6067


Forensics, Criminal Justice and Homeland Security
Mark Listewnik

Disciplines: Forensics Science
Tel: (508) 614-1467


Jennifer Abbott

Disciplines: Physical Security; Critical Infrastructure Protection; Disaster Response & Management
Tel: (561) 361-6020


Carolyn Spence

Disciplines: Law Enforcement; Medical-Legal; Special Investigations; and Criminal Justice
Tel: (561) 998-2515


Food Science
Steve Zollo

Disciplines: Food Science
Tel: (561) 998-2547


Information Technology (IT)

Rich O'Hanley/Publisher

Disciplines: Communications Engineering & Networking; Information Security; Physical Security; and Applied Manufacturing
Tel: (917) 351-7146


He Ruijun

Disciplines: Communications & Networking; Information Security; Physical Security; Applied Manufacturing Software Engineering; Systems Development; Database; and IT
Tel: +86 10 8250 4369


John Wyzalek

Disciplines: Software Engineering; Systems Development; Database; and IT Management
Tel: (917) 351-7149


Sunil Nair/Publisher

Disciplines: Mathematics; Computational Biology; and Financial Mathematic
Tel: +44-20-7017-6346


Bob Ross

Discipline: Mathematics
Tel: (781) 535-9277


Bob Stern

Discipline: Mathematics Monographs
Tel: (561) 998-2549


Aastha Sharma

Discipline: Mathematics (South Asia)
Tel: (91) 11 43155175



Joanna Koster/Publisher

Disciplines: Undergraduate textbooks - medicine, Anatomy & Physiology, Medical Genetics, Occupational & Environmental Medicine, Medical History, Medical Education, Telemedicine/Medical Informatics, Medical Statistics/EBM
Tel: +44 (20) 337 73780


Beth Campbell

Disciplines: Cardiology, Hematology, Oncology, Palliative Medicine, Radiology, Endocrinology & Diabetes
Tel: (314) 359-7494


Stephen Clausard

Disciplines: General/Internal Medicine (including MRCP), General/Family Practice, Emergency Medicine, Get ahead! and Get Through exam revision series and the Illustrated Clinical Cases series
Tel: +44 (20) 337 73761
Sue Hodgson

Disciplines: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Tel: +44(0)7818598204


Kay Conerly

Disciplines: Emergency Medicine, Forensic Medicine, Forensic Pathology & Forensic Psychiatry, Pulmonary Medicine, Allergy & Immunology, Rheumatology, Infectious Diseases, Tropical Medicine, Public Health & Preventive Medicine, General/Family Medicine
Tel: (601) 919-3007


Barbara Norwitz

Disciplines: Pharmaceutical Science, Pharmacology including Clinical, Toxicology including undergraduate, Pathology, and Laboratory Medicine
Tel: (561) 998-2587


Robert Peden

Disciplines: Dermatology, Gynecology & Obstetrics, Reproductive Medicine, Women's Health, Fetal Medicine, Pediatrics & Neonatology, Urology, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Hepatology, and Men's Health
Tel: +44 (20) 701 76674


Henry Spilberg

Disciplines: Surgery (general and all specialties including pediatric), ENT, Orthopedics & Trauma, Dentistry
Tel: +44 (20) 701 75164


Naomi Wilkinson

Disciplines: Allied Health, Nursing, Alternative Medicine, Psychotherapy, Radiography, Sports Medicine
Tel: +44 (20) 337 73683


Lance Wobus

Disciplines: Neuroscience, Neurology, Psychiatry, Ophthalmology, Anesthesia, Intensive/Critical Care, Pain, Sleep, and Gerontology
Tel: (561) 998-2584


Randy Brehm

Disciplines: Nutrition, including Clinical Nutrition; Nutrition Science; and Sports Nutrition
Tel: (561) 361-6088


Luna Han

Disciplines: Physics, including Applied Physics, Biophysics, Medical Physics, Nanoscale and Mesoscale Physics, Optics, Materials, and Computational Physics
Tel: +1 510 698 4654


Francesca McGowan

Discipline: Physics, including Astronomy, Condensed Matter, Geophysics, High Energy, Medical Physics, Biophysics, Nuclear, Particle, Plasma and Sensors
Tel: +44-20-755-19348


Rob Calver

Discipline: Statistics
Tel: +44-20-7017-6334


David Grubbs

Discipline: Statistics
Tel: (561) 998-2524


Aastha Sharma

Discipline: Mathematics (South Asia)
Tel: (91) 11 43155175


John Kimmel

Discipline: Statistics
Tel: (949) 391-8329
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