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June 05, 2014
John M. Sharp
Fractured rocks extend over much of the world, cropping out in shields, massifs, and the cores of major mountain ranges. They also form the basement below younger sedimentary rocks; at depth; they represent a continuous environment of extended and deep regional groundwater flow. Understanding of 
March 19, 2014
Valentine Uwamariya
In general, groundwater is a preferred source of drinking water because of its convenient availability and its constant and good quality. However this source is vulnerable to contamination by several substances. Acceptable quality limits relative to micropollutant contents in drinking water are 
August 15, 2013
Shoji Fukuoka, Hajime Nakagawa, Tetsuya Sumi, Hao Zhang
Sediments, which constitute the surface of the Earth, start their journey to rivers with the energy obtained from rainfalls, fl oods and other natural processes. Due to transport of sediments, rivers develop with various appearances and functions, and play a crucial role in the activities of human 
June 13, 2013
Luis Ribeiro, Tibor Y. Stigter, Antonio Chambel, M. Teresa Condesso de Melo, Jose Paulo Monteiro, Albino Medeiros
Groundwater resources are facing increasing pressure from consuming and contaminating activities. There is a growing awareness that the quantitative and qualitative preservation of groundwater resources is a global need, not only to safeguard their future use for public supply and irrigation, but 
March 19, 2013
Jean Margat, Jac van der Gun
This book presents a unique and up-to-date summary of what is known about groundwater on our planet, from a global perspective and in terms of area-specific factual information. Unlike most textbooks on groundwater, it does not deal with theoretical principles, but rather with the overall picture 
November 29, 2012
Nicholas Howden, John Mather
Lessons can be learnt from the past; from time to time it is useful for practitioners to look back over the historical developments of their science. Hydrogeology has developed from humble beginnings into the broad church of investigatory procedures which collectively form the modern-day 
October 05, 2012
Rafael Murillo Muñoz
Rivers are complex entities. In addition to being valuable wildlife habitats, they support human activities by providing water for human usage, renewable energy and convenient transportation. Rivers may also pose threats to riverine communities, in the form of floods and other natural or 
September 14, 2012
Éric Gilli, Christian Mangan, Jacques Mudry
Hydrogeology, the science of groundwater, requires a multidisciplinary approach involving many other sciences: surface hydrology, climatology, geology, geography, physics, chemistry, biology, and more. This book takes a broad view, considers water as a single entity, and presents many 
August 06, 2012
Piotr Maloszewski, Stanisław Witczak, Grzegorz Malina
Sustainable groundwater development requires knowledge of the appropriate recharge and transport-processes. This is a prerequisite to understanding: (i) groundwater resources and their availability, and (ii) the dependence between groundwater and the environment. Conceptual understanding of 
July 30, 2012
Neven Kresic, Alex Mikszewski
A reference for students, researchers, and environmental professionals, Hydrogeological Conceptual Site Models: Data Analysis and Visualization explains how to develop effective conceptual site models, perform advanced spatial data analysis, and generate informative graphics for applications in 

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