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November 06, 2013
Kenneth G. Budinski
Friction, wear, and erosion are major issues in mechanical engineering and materials science, resulting in major costs to businesses operating in the automotive, biomedical, petroleum/oil/gas, and structural engineering industries. The good news is, by understanding what friction, wear, or erosion 
October 23, 2013
Lloyd H. Hihara, Ralph P.I. Adler, Ronald M. Latanision
One of the main, ongoing challenges for any engineering enterprise is that systems are built of materials subject to environmental degradation. Whether working with an airframe, integrated circuit, bridge, prosthetic device, or implantable drug-delivery system, understanding the chemical stability 
April 26, 2013
Reza Javaherdashti, Chikezie Nwaoha, Henry Tan
The advancement of methods and technologies in the oil and gas industries calls for new insight into the corrosion problems these industries face daily. With the application of more precise instruments and laboratory techniques as well as the development of new scientific paradigms, corrosion 
January 29, 2013
Ronald A. McCauley
Reflecting the many changes in the field since the publication of the second edition, Corrosion of Ceramic Materials, Third Edition incorporates more information on bioceramics, including nanomaterials, as well as the weathering of construction materials. Adhering to the original plan of 
December 13, 2011
William A. Thue
Fully updated, Electrical Power Cable Engineering, Third Edition again concentrates on the remarkably complex design, application, and preparation methods required to terminate and splice cables. This latest addition to the CRC Press Power Engineering series covers cutting-edge methods for design, 
August 18, 2011
Philippe Marcus
Updated to include recent results from intensive worldwide research efforts in materials science, surface science, and corrosion science, Corrosion Mechanisms in Theory and Practice, Third Edition explores the latest advances in corrosion and protection mechanisms. It presents a detailed account of 
September 22, 2009
Philip A. Schweitzer, P.E.
Billions of dollars are spent annually for the replacement of corroded structures, machinery, and components. Premature failure of bridges or structures due to corrosion can also result in human injury, loss of life, and collateral damage. Written by an authority in corrosion science, Fundamentals 
November 20, 2008
U. Kamachi Mudali, Baldev Raj
Recent advances in instruments and techniques have resulted in better understanding of corrosion science and technology of materials. New materials and processes promise technologically superior engineering components with outstanding corrosion resistance. This edited comprehensive volume of 
October 22, 2007
Mohamed El-Reedy
A Practical Guide to Maintenance Carrying a billion-dollar price tag, corrosion of reinforced concrete is the enemy of every country’s investment in real estate. The widespread and long-term use of reinforced concrete makes its correct and proper examination, maintenance, and repair paramount. 
September 27, 2007
Rodger Talbert
Modern paints and coatings offer an astounding variety of formulations that are used to improve the durability, appearance, and lifespan of countless products. From cars to furniture, computers, and mechanical components, paints and coatings play a vital role in nearly every manufactured product 

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