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Systems Engineer
Research, Technology Development & Acquisition Agency

Los Angeles CA USA
Executive Vice President

Oak Ridge TN USA
M Squared Consulting

San Francisco CA USA
Security Management
Baptist Health South Florida

Miami Florida USA
Professor | Author | Editor | Green Chemist
Professor of Chemistry, JECRC University, Jaipur, India

Jaipur India
The Maltz Endowed Chair Professor in Energy Innovation / Director CESC
Case Western Reserve University

Cleveland Ohio U.S.A.
Senior Lecturer
University Of Bolton

Manchester UK England
Professor and Director
Virginia Tech/Nuclear Science and Engineering Lab

Arlington VA USA
International security analyst

Vancouver BC Canada
Professor of Electrical Engineering
Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne IN US
Associate Manager, Product Stewardship
Johnson & Johnson

Skillman NJ 08558
Dean, Graduate School of Engineering and Management
Air Force Institute of Technology

Dayton OH USA
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