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Paris Sud University

Orsay France
University of Massachusetts Lowell

Lowell MA USA
Senior Director and Statistics Lead
Pfizer Inc

New York NY USA
Lecturer in vehicle electrical and electronic systems
Cranfield University

Cranfield UK
Associate Professor of Environmental Policy and Chair
Department of Public Policy, University of Massachusetts

Dartmouth MA USA
Lead Scientist, Centre for Cognitive Work and Safety Analysis
Defence Science and Technology Organisation

Melbourne Victoria Australia
CAE Coordinator
Airbus Helicopter

Research Scientist
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India

New Delhi Delhi INDIA
Security Management
Baptist Health South Florida

Miami Florida USA
Chem E Professor and IEE Director
New Mexico State University

Las Cruces NM US
Founder, The Supply Chain Risk Management Consortium
Adjunct Professor Supply Chain Risk, Lehigh University--VP SherTrack LLC

Simpler and Ivey School of Business Canada

Gurgaon Haryana India
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